Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds

Trailer Time: Deadpool Trailer #1 (2016) *….ok so this is happening*

I have very little in the way of explanation that can take Deadpool and introduce him to people who have never heard of him.  Ok, let’s try….  He’s a mutant.  He’s a ….well, he heals very well, kills very well, thinks he’s a character in a comic book, is insane in a way that makes the Joker look rational and he’s very, very talky.  Which is ironic, because FOX used Reynolds as Deadpool in X-Men: Origins Wolverine and sewed his mouth shut and used him as a zombie villain.

Since then Reynolds had Green Lantern bomb on him (which I do not hold him responsible for), and then seemingly had a kind of psychotic break.  He decided he was going to make a Deadpool film for the hardcore comic Deadpool fans (of which I am not one….Deadpool is something for tiny doses).  He launched a one-man campaign, often in costume, to get the weirdest, truest version of Wade Wilson on-screen and it looks like he just may have succeeded.  Make no mistake, this is the tamest, most G-rated trailer I think they could possibly make for this film and there’s a red band trailer on the Deadpool film website if you want a better idea of what this film is going to be like.  I’ll tell you this, though, I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything remotely like what is going to come out on February 16. 2016.
Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool

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