Movie Review: Unfriended (2015) *I Am NEVER Skyping Again!!!*


OK, and I want you to keep in mind I’m saying this in the context of the genre in which it falls, Unfriended is a really good movie.  In the mess of schlock teen horror films, Unfriended manages to do something totally unique and tap into a very 21st Century kind of creepiness that makes the film ultimately work.

The entire film (nearly) takes place on the computer screens of a group of friends having a Skype session to talk about another “friend” of theirs who killed herself a year ago.  Welllll wouldn’t you know it, but guess who shows up a Skyping away?  Dead friend.  And dead friend is displeased, armed with a lot of secrets and is going to make the next 90 minutes of this chat session extremely interesting.

Honestly, that’s all I have to say regarding the film.  It’s not great cinema.  The dialogue is….unimaginative, but the plot has some nice twists and if you’re as tech savvy as most people who would be reading this review, you’ll appreciate a horror film self-contained in the context of social media.  And don’t fricking unfriend me, because I learned a LOT!  Boo.


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