A Hologram for the KIng, Tom Hanks

Trailer TIme: A Hologram for the King Trailer #1 (2016) *Tom Hanks*

A failed businessman (Hanks) takes his idea for a holographic meeting system to Saudi Arabia in the hopes of selling it to the royal family.  He’s at a crossroads, love ensues, positive music plays.  It doesn’t really seem like the kind of film that should rise to Tom Hanks’ level, despite being based on the acclaimed novel by Dave Eggers.  Plus, the film is being directed by Tom Twyker and the last time Hanks and Twyker worked together they made Cloud Atlas (and I swear by Thor’s hammer I don’t care what you think), which is one of the worst films ever made.  A Hologram Made for the King opens April 22, 2016, and here’s REALLY hoping.A Hologram for the KIng, Tom Hanks

3 thoughts on “Trailer TIme: A Hologram for the King Trailer #1 (2016) *Tom Hanks*”

  1. Well, Hanks recently gave the performance of his career in Captain Philips, which was amazing because A: I thought he was going through a career decline, and B: his career includes Saving Private Ryan.

    But Hanks is not the star he used to be. I mean, he is to me, but I’m sure it’s getting harder for him to secure rewarding roles. Hanks must respect Twyker a lot, to work with him again after their last resounding disaster. It’s not the promise of lots of money that drew Hanks to this project.

    I know I’ve said this before, but Thor’s hammer notwithstanding, Cloud Atlas is a flawed masterpiece. Also I think its commercial failure was probably more due to the influence of the Wachowskis than to Twyker. I think the W’s are done making movies, but something else is going on, other than the two of them losing their talent after Matrix 1. Jupiter Ascending was the most skillfully-made disaster I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the W’s bite off more than they can chew. Maybe they’re so self-absorbed that they have no perspective on their own work. Anyway, if you hate Cloud Atlas, don’t blame Twyker as much as them.


    1. I have enough hate for Cloud Atlas for pretty much everyone involved. Hanks gets a pass because he did turn it around with Captain Phillips and was outstanding in Bridge of Spies, as well. He’s still the most popular actor in America, so I don’t think getting roles is a problem for him. I just…..have no clue why this is one he picked. As for the Wachowskis, I think they’re done. I haven’t heard even a peep about a new Matrix trilogy since Jupiter.


      1. Is Hanks still the most popular actor in america? I get the sense that he’s passed into that inevitable place where he’s still an unbelievable success, but no longer walks on water. It happens to them all. I’m just concerned that no one is stepping up to the plate. I guess I’m showing my age, but these new stars just don’t have the same stature. Even when Hanks did walk on water, he was kind of the last of his kind.

        I hear Sense8 is really good, but Andy coming out as Lily was the nail in the coffin. Yes, the W’s are done, and it’s sad, because they had a hell of a lot of promise.


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