Trailer Time: Ben Hur Trailer #1 (2016) *Because THIS Needed a Remake…..Again*

Ben-Hur was first a novel by Lew Wallace.  Then in 1922 it was a silent film.  Then in 1959, the Charlton Heston remake won ELEVEN OSCARS!  ELEVEN!  In case you’re wondering, that ties it with Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King for the MOST OSCARS WON BY A FILM EVER!  So naturally, we need a 2016 remake from the director of Wanted.  If you really want to remake one of those movies tied at the top, why not go with Titanic?  Are you shooting for TWELVE?  Because, from this first trailer, I really doubt you’re going to see one.
download (3)

Not only is the trailer uninspiring, it’s managed to gather backlash from both Christians and Gays (well something to be said for bringing people together).  Christians are upset that the religious tones of the 1959 film, in which Christ was a central character are being scaled back.  Gays are upset that the famous and intentional homoerotic subtext in the early part of the film between Ben-Hur and Messsala are being glossed over.  All of this begs the point again….what the heck is this being made for?

ben hur

Remake CRAPPY movies that had potential and get them right this time.  Don’t eyeball a film that won 11 Oscars and go….hey…..y’know that worked before……twice.  Remake Titanic from the standpoint of the iceberg, which I can tell you, was the hero of that film to most people still awake when it arrived.  If you want to go back to that era, remake The Third Man WITHOUT THE ZITHER (google it).  Ben-Hur still holds up (the 1959 version, not the 1922 version…..I’m going to great lengths to ensure you understand this is a re-remake).  It’s an example of Hollywood’s dearth of good ideas and why if you want to see something that’s not stale, hit 10 Cloverfield Lane this weekend.  Ben-Hur the Third will open in theaters on August 16, 2016.


One thought on “Trailer Time: Ben Hur Trailer #1 (2016) *Because THIS Needed a Remake…..Again*”

  1. Isn’t this produced by the “Touched By An Angel” actress and her husband, the ones who produced the Bible miniseries? I guess the studio figured they would put those guys together with a dark, edgy director, and some kind of magic would happen.

    This is the worst idea for a remake in recent memory, and hopefully it will put the Biblical epic resurgence to rest. I would have loved to have seen the resurgence work (IMAX was designed for the wrath of God) but Hollywood screwed it up coming out of the gate.


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