Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, The Heat

Movie Review: The Heat (2013)

The Heat, Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthyOk, let’s make this quick: no.  Just no.  I like Bridesmaids.  I didn’t love it, but Melissa McCarthy gave possibly the most amazing comedic performance in a decade.  She lit the screen on fire.  Here she reunites with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig as a Boston cop forced to partner with a prissy FBI agent played by Sandra Bullock.

I love McCarthy.  Every time she opens her mouth (to swear, because that’s pretty much the whole of the script) it kind of kills me, but there’s a difference between the incendiary comedic performance she turned in with Bridesmaids or hosting SNL and just falling down and swearing.  Bullock honestly is lucky she made Gravity this year and reminded me she could act because she’s a horrible comedic actress.

That’s honestly all the discussion this movie rates aside from my observation that this film has the most intrusive and annoying soundtrack of hip-hop in cinematic history.  It’s the only noteworthy thing about it.


7 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Heat (2013)”

    1. Oh how I wanted to stop. It was like a car crash. No one should ever cast Sandra Bullock in a comedic role ever again. That said, they’re already planning a sequel, sigh. thanks for the comment, though. Always nice to know I’m not nuts… this particular regad.


  1. Perfect review. I wish the movie was that short and concise, I would have enjoyed it much more. I’ve never been much of a fan of Bullock and even though Melissa McCarthy was a delight in Bridesmaids she has not impressed since. The movie made $160m, so the inevitable sequel will probably be another dud to add to her IMDb page.


    1. This made Identity Thief look like Citizen Kane…..if the latter were funny. Yeah, they’re making a sequel. If you haven’t seen McCarthy on SNL or on the eight years she was on Gilmore Girls, that’s her best stuff. CBS comedies are completely indistinguishable to me so I haven’t ever seen Mike & Molly. Good to hear from you, Adam!


  2. Good review Dave. The material is pretty conventional, but McCarthy and Bullock are so damn fun to watch together, that you can’t help but laugh a lot and have a great time with these two. I sure as hell did.


    1. Thanks, man! I thought Bullock was awful, but McCarthy just slays me. I don’t know if you’ve seen the “ranch dressing” sketch from SNL, but I highly recommend YouTubing it. I want an opportunity to call someone “chalkballs” but I don’t think it’s ever going to come up…..sigh.


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