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My Favorite Scene: Spider-Man (2002) – “The Upside Down Kiss”

With Cap 2 behind us, the next blockbuster on the horizon is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so the next four weeks on My Favorite Scene, we’ll be going through the previous four Spidey films and picking our favorite scene.

I was never a fan of Sam Raimi’s trilogy.  Spider-Man 2 is undeniably fantastic, but the other two film are critically flawed.  The first film failed utterly with its villain.  The Goblin Armor and treatment of Spidey’s arch-foe were awful.  I never liked the casting of either Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst in their roles, but I would be a liar if I said this wasn’t a brilliant scene and one of the most iconic movie kisses of all-time.  Never let it be said that I am entirely without romance…..just mostly devoid.

How did you feel about the Raimi trilogy?  What was your favorite scene from the first time we got to swing with Peter through the chasms of NYC?
Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Upside Down Kiss Scene

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Spider-Man (2002) – “The Upside Down Kiss””

  1. Raimi could have done so much more with the material. I say this not as a cynic, but as a devoted Raimi fan. The second one is beyond wonderful… Doc Ock is perfectly realized onscreen… but midway through the third one I started to wonder why the back suit was turning Peter Parker into Jim Carrey doing an impersonation of a jerk. There is one scene in the third one that suggests what might have been: Sandman literally pulling himself together towards the beginning of the film. That has my vote as the best scene from SM3.
    Raimi has gone Hollywood. Taken for what it was, Oz: The Great and Powerful was diverting: not an ironic deconstruction but a sincere attempt to make a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. But I really hope Raimi goes back to his roots for an extended period.


    1. DAMMIT THAT WAS MY BEST SCENE! lol I’m changing it out of spite to the armored car fight between him and Spidey. He could have totally carried that movie on his own. Church was so fantastic in a role that I didn’t think could support a full film.


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