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Trailer Time: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer #1 (2016) *THE REAL DEAL*

If you cannot wait until April 20th or do not particularly feel like stalking down an IMAX theater that’s playing the special release of the first full trailer to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a copy (which TOTALLY BELONGS TO WARNER BROTHERS) leaked online today.  My reaction… ……huh.  Very different direction and tone than I was expecting.  I honestly don’t know what to make of it.  I’d sit around and ponder that for awhile, but instead I’m going to watch the Episode VII trailer twelve more times!

This trailer comes out April 20th in select IMAX theaters.  The actual movie is scheduled for release on March 26, 2016.

Batman, Superman, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

6 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer #1 (2016) *THE REAL DEAL*”

  1. I would have felt cheated if I had paid to see this trailer in an IMAX theater, but I don’t get all the hate, because it makes the film look incredible. I suddenly can’t wait to see this movie. It looks much more influenced by Miller than I expected, and I get WB’s approach now.

    Before this trailer I thought it was way too soon in the franchise for Batman to be fighting Superman. I thought Superman needed to be established first. But this trailer suggests that WB is NOT trying to recreate the existing DC universe—the one from the comics—on film. They’re going for something else entirely, and I’m on board.


    1. Well I get the hate because after having seriously given this thing every benefit of the doubt, I have to say I hate it as much as I love the Episode VII trailer. It’s not just the gibberish voiceover or the direction the plot seems to be going, the line at the end of the trailer really concerns me. It’s possible it’s a villain saying that, but Bruce never says that. It’s not that Bruce wouldn’t think it, but he would just hit you and see if you did bleed, not waste time asking about it. Plus the mechanized quality to the voice….ugh. Everything about this trailer is off-putting to me. DC can’t even handle the DCU in its comics right let alone on film. If Scott Snyder wasn’t writing the best Batman run I’ve ever read, I might have dropped the company’s books altogether.


      1. I gather this trailer is off-putting to most people. The way the entire rollout was handled is comical. First, they thought they were going to steal thunder from SW. Then there was the concept of asking people to drive to their nearest IMAX theater to pay to see a trailer. It’s impossible to force enthusiasm like that. You can ride enthusiasm if it already exists, but prior to this trailer the fans were not enthusiastic, they were really, really worried. Then WB officially released the trailer prior to the IMAX screenings. I know they were responding to the leak, but just how pumped do they think people are? Between this dark and dour trailer and the recent photo of Jared Leto as Joker in Suicide Squad (I don’t care if they’re showing us different stages in his transformation, it’s still bizarre) I don’t think Disney/Marvel is in any danger of being dethroned.

        That said, I personally love this trailer. Gods on Earth, colliding. Snyder is going to commit to the battle between them, instead of copping out. It’s only the second film in the franchise and they’re already taking this universe in a startling direction I did not see coming.

        Batman would never ask “Do you bleed?” Except that the Batman from Miller’s masterpiece might. Or, shall we say, it wouldn’t be a very big stretch. Sorry, but I think this trailer is awesome in the extreme.


      2. Fair enough. I wish they would make THAT movie.


  2. I’m sure you’re aware that today they released a photo of Jared Leto’s Joker, in full makeup, and I love this new take more than you can possibly imagine. I take back what I said in my comment above.

    As long as the trademark character notes are hit, all these comic book characters are open to interpretation. And there is nothing about this new image of Leto’s Joker that doesn’t scream Joker. It’s just a Joker for 2015. They had to do something radical to erase the memories of Heath.

    The insane tattoos signal that this guy isn’t just a psychopath, he’s out of his mind. And considering the character’s traditional theatrical dress and the way he is (sometimes) portrayed as using makeup to color his lips red, the tattoos are not a big stretch.

    Yet so, so many people are going to hate the image.

    Between the new Joker, and the BvS trailer, I can safely predict that the coming DC films are going to be out there. Polarizing. And I think I already know on which pole I will stand.

    Sorry you hated the BvS trailer, and sorry if you think the new Joker is all wrong. I’m predicting you will have… reservations.

    But I’m suddenly excited about the DC cinematic universe.


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