My Favorite Scene: Thor The Dark World (2013) “Presto Chango Loki”

Of the franchises that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think my favorite (and I never would have thought this prior to the films’ release) is Thor.  I had no idea how they were going to take this guy with a winged helmet speaking in Shakespearean dialogue who lives in a magical castle at the end of a rainbow bridge and not make it utterly ridiculous.  Kenneth Brannagh set the tone with the first film and poked just enough fun at it so we weren’t taking it too seriously, but at the same time back-dooring the gravitas and richness of Asgard and regality of the characters so that when you needed the dramatic moment, it had the foundation required. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Thor The Dark World (2013) “Presto Chango Loki”

Killing Time: March 30, 2015 – Times Are a Changin’

killing time
What anarchy is this?  A KT column appearing randomly on a Monday?  The moon is blood red and the apocalypse is nigh!  No, not so much, but there is a lot of change coming.  Change for me, used to only affect, well me, but now it affects the crystal geek addiction of several thousand people, and that’s cool.  Odd, but cool.

I’m looking at a metric ton of “change” over the next ….year (hopefully much less, but it’s me so let’s not hedge our bets).  I will write this site until I literally cannot see straight.  I’ve written it in some of the weirdest and saddest circumstances one could possibly imagine, so a metric ton of change ain’t changing that. Continue reading Killing Time: March 30, 2015 – Times Are a Changin’

Trailer Time: Fear the Walking Dead (AMC – 2015) *First look at TWD Spin-Off Series*

As season five of The Walking Dead comes to a close, America need not fear a year-long wait for more undead, cannibalistic action.  AMC, with the loss of Breaking Bad and imminent loss of Mad Men, has some holes to plug.  And, goshdarnit, why not plug them with the rotting corpses of the undead that America eats up like fried Snickers bars?  Fear the Walking Dead has a two season initial order with the first season being similar to TWD’s, a six episode run, that will air Summer 2015.  The two series will not intersect, according to TWD creator, Robert Kirkman, shouting the answer down from the skyscraper of cash that you crazy zombie-lovers have made him.

Trailer Time: SPECTRE Teaser #1 (2015) *Bond is Back, Baby!*

Oh.  Please.  Let.  It.  Be  November.  Now!(with me somehow having seen I along the way).  The first trailer for the 24th outing of the world’s best spy, James Bond, debuts and it promises A LOT.  Spectre, has traditionally been an evil organization plaguing MI-6 and their head, Hans Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), is one of the immortal Bond villains.  They’re getting a reboot in a big way, and Mendes in his second consecutive Bond film is continuing what has made Daniel Craig’s reign as Bond the best in the series: he’s made an actual character out of him.  Previous Bond movies were all pretty much one-shot episodes with everything reset and no consequences, but from Casino Royale, Craig has been building a Bond that’s very much evolving, very much haunted by and running from his past, and now it looks like something from Skyfall has ripped open some of James’ most private wounds.  Aside from Episode VII and Age of Ultron there is no movie I want to see more this year than Spectre, and I will be there when it opens on November 6, 2015.
Bond 24, James Bond, Spectre

Trailer Time: Paper Towns Trailer #1 (2015) *From the Author of The Fault Among Our Stars*

There are two kinds of herds of movie teens.  One is the grizzled cynical old people trapped in young skins who know everything and the eventual realization of their lack of knowledge  either drives them to drugs/drink/barnyard animals; the usual.  Then there are, for lack of a better term, Joss Whedon teens, who know more literary references and wit than most teenagers, other than myself at that age of course, would never have had the time to suck up into their pubescent noggins.  John Green doesn’t write teenagers like that. Continue reading Trailer Time: Paper Towns Trailer #1 (2015) *From the Author of The Fault Among Our Stars*