Zoolander 2, Ben Stiller, Derek Zoolander

Trailer Time: Zoolander 2 Teaser #1 (2016) *Now With More Stephen Hawking*

I’m going to assume you watched the trailer before reading this, but if you haven’t: do.  Did you?  Come on, I haven’t got all day (that’s a lie, I actually do, I want us to have trust).  Ok, good.  Stephen Hawking nararated the first trailer for Zoolander 2.  That is a sentence I did not think I would type in this reality.  I think the thing that I admire most about Hawking, beyond his mind and determination, is that he has retained an absolutely stupid sense a humor through everything.  He’s gone on The Big Bang Theory because it was about nerdy physicists and he found it funny.  He’s voiced himself for Family Guy, because he finds it stupid funny.  Apparently, like a lot of us, he finds Zoolander stupid funny too.

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Zoolander 2


I will always love Zoolander, beyond the fact that it’s hysterical, because it came out in September 2001.  It was the first movie I saw after 9/11.  All the sorrow, all the rage, all the fear went into that theater and just turned to hysterics over this movie about the cutthroat world of male modeling.  The gasoline fight to WHAM alone nearly cost me my appendix.  Comedy sequels do not work.  Anchorman 2 wasn’t bad, but it basically recycled Anchorman.  Zoolander 2 has been in development for way over a decade.  I know Ben Stiller, who is directing, didn’t want to make a sequel for a sequel’s sake.  He’s got a great cast.  He’s got great characters.  I really want this to break the mold.  Look for Zoolander 2 on February 12, 2016.  Heck, it might even knock Episode VII out of #1 by that point.

One thought on “Trailer Time: Zoolander 2 Teaser #1 (2016) *Now With More Stephen Hawking*”

  1. Who doesn’t love Zoolander? In truth I would rather see a follow-up to Mystery Men, but it never became ingrained in popular culture like Zoolander did. Ben Stiller really understands how to make stupid (and I don’t mean that as a pejorative) comedies. I’m skipping the Vacation reboot, but Stiller would have killed as a modern-day Clark Griswold.

    Stephen Hawking was in the audience for the final Monty Python concert, and they made him a part of a pre-filmed sketch (he recited the Galaxy Song from Meaning of Life). I too admire him a lot.


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