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POLL: Best Star Wars Movie

The time has come for the geek question of all geek questions: which is the greatest Star Wars movie?  I was going to make this November’s poll to lead us up to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  However, I have a feeling we’re all going to be talking a lot about Star Wars this month so I thought I’d unleash the beast into the geek pit now.

Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars, Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Mid-August, Disney hosts its annual expo: D23.  It’s relatively new, but with each year Disney has been making it a bigger and bigger platform for announcements.  There was a staggering lack of new information announced at the Star Wars panels at Comic Con.  I think that’s because Disney is going to use D23 to announce the next phase of the Star Wars universe, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the full trailer for Episode VII and perhaps the teaser for Rogue One, as well.

Han Solo, Harrison Ford, A New Hope, Star Wars, Chewbacca

So what is the best Star Wars film we have now?  It’s the time to ask, because in six years the number of choices will have literally doubled.  We’ve had 10 years at minimum to re-watch the last installment ad nauseum and debate.  Who’s the king of the mountain going into a whole new era in a galaxy far, far away?  VOTE (although I swear if I find someone voting for Attack of the Clones, I will grill you like a nerf steak)!!!

8 thoughts on “POLL: Best Star Wars Movie”

  1. Out of all the films, Empire is the one that continues to tower. As big a fanatic as I am, if I had to come up with a short list of the greatest movies ever made, Empire is the one SW movie that would make the cut. I’m pretty sure I would consider it a great movie even if I were not a SW fan. My love of the others is colored by emotion and other personal factors that have nothing to do with how well-made they are.

    The Prequels continue to grow in my estimation, except for some of the CGI, which gets worse with each passing year. I like the story and the feel of the prequels better than ANH and Jedi. Also the locations are more numerous and fully-realized. The loving care that went into their creation is staggering. Episodes I-III can’t touch Empire, but I think I now enjoy all three of them better than ANH and Jedi. Except for the part where Palpatine says “No! No! YOU WILL DIE!”

    Please don’t throw tomatoes.


      1. Which Gungans? Because I wouldn’t mind Boss Nass.

        The romantic dialogue is the worst part of the entire saga, yet I find it bearable because it’s more than balanced out by stuff I love.


      2. Man. These are my favorite movies of all time, yet if you cut and paste, you can come up with something to torment you for all eternity in the seventh circle. Being a SW fan is WEIRD. I hope I’m able to receive JJ’s version free from all ambivalence, because it would be nice for the experience to be pure again.


      3. We just know too much. I was going to also point out that enough spittle gathering on the floor of your cell would be prime breeding ground for a dianoga. That seemed like overkill. What do you think? You think Disney held back at Comic Con for D23?


      4. I don’t know, but if I knew for sure that something was coming this month, it would be a much-needed bright spot. I live in hope.

        I wish I could unlearn a lot of what I’ve learned, but the interesting thing is, we still know surprisingly little. I mean, we know characters and locations and their names, but not their significance in the overall story, or how they connect to the previous films. It’s like knowing the joke without the punchline.


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