Star Wars Episode VII, Captain Phasma

Trailer Time: STAR WARS EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS Supercut Trailer *All Released Footage*

Science v. Cinema has put together a super-trailer that incorporates this week’s full trailer for Episode VII along with the teasers that preceded it.  I realize that we’ve covered this like a Presidential Debate, but in the Geekverse…..this is more important.  Actually, given the content of most presidential debates, this is arguably straight-up more important, but we’ll have some reviews coming soon of the films that are bombarding the theaters NOW so as to avoid being steamrolled by Star Wars in DECEMBER.  So, one last (probably) article on the trailer and then it’s back to normal geeky business.  This poster, by the way, is the first of a series of special prints AMC is giving people who preorder the insanity that is the 7 film marathon.  They’ll be releasing one a week until Star Wars Episode VII hits theaters on December 18th.

Star Wars Episode VIII, Rey

3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: STAR WARS EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS Supercut Trailer *All Released Footage*”

  1. That was the best trailer I’ve ever seen, even if it wasn’t official. I wonder what would have happened if Abrams and Disney had shown us close to nothing for two years, only to drop this 4 minute long masterpiece on the unsuspecting public two months before the release of the film.


    1. I think the collective geek world would’ve flat stroked out. Gonzales should be doing this for a living. He didn’t just mash them together; he wove them in a way just as powerful as any of the official trailers. I know I’ve posted it three different ways now, but ….COME ON!!!


      1. I’ve watched the trailers a million times now, and this supercut a few more, and I only have one problem. A very major plot point is given away if you pay attention. Still, this has been the best marketing campaign I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think it’s going to backfire, unless the film is a plot point by plot point remake of ANH, or a simple mashup of elements from the original trilogy. I’m not saying that can’t happen… the Wrath of Kahn stuff in STID was so over the top, misappropriated, and misplaced that even I was groaning, and I don’t like ST very much. But these trailers have been worming their way into the core of my SW fandom, and this supercut cements it. I think we’re in for a good time.

        Have you seen Bridge of Spies? Were you ever able to see The Walk the correct way? Crimson Peak? I still haven’t seen the latter, and my expectations have been lowered, but I’m still excited. Also, SPECTRE getting decent reviews. I’m surprised by that, and happy.


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