POLL RESULTS: The KT Community Best Film of 2017 is….


While it was challenged, Dunkirk lead the way in the voting for the 6th Annual Killing Time Community’s Best Picture, and managed to hold off an early charge by Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and a surprising late onslaught by Wind River to give Christopher Nolan his second win in six years.  The story of this year’s poll may well be just how divided people were over what the best film of last year was.  Out of 15 nominees, 13 received votes, and though Dunkirk won, it did so with only 21.43% of the vote, the lowest winning percentage of any champion in the six years of the poll.  Finishing a surprising second was Wind River with 17.86%.  Wind River, while fantastic, hasn’t really figured in to any awards talk, and didn’t receive a single Oscar nomination.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi broke the Star Wars winning streak and finished third with 10.71%.  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, finished fourth with 8.93%, and Get Out and Wonder Woman tied for fifth place with 7.14%.

Jeremy Renner in Wind River

Dunkirk joins the Killing Time Hall of Fame alongside past poll winners, becoming the sixth KT Community Best Picture of the Year.  Tomorrow, I’ll reveal my picks before Oscar weekend with Killing Time’s version of the Oscars: The Renaissance Film Awards.

2012: The Dark Knight Rises 
2013: Gravity
2014: Guardians of the Galaxy 
2015: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
2016: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
2017: Dunkirk



One thought on “POLL RESULTS: The KT Community Best Film of 2017 is….”

  1. Sad to see SW fade, but I have been thinking about TLJ. There comes a point where it swerves into the Luke Skywalker Show. The rest of it is a lot of noise amounting to very little. It is obvious that Poe and Finn are stuck in a narrative cul de sac for the entire film, but ask yourself: have Rey and Ben been left altered by thier interactions with each other? Permanently and significantly? It looks that way at first (Ren in charge of the FO now, Rey knows mom and dad were idiots, etc) but I got no sense of any evolution that mattered in any significant way. With the sad exception of no more Snoke, J.J. is kind of free to pick up where he left off. If you think about it, I think you will see that I speak true. TLJ’s biggest crime was irrelevance, yet that is also the quality that will ensure it does not torpedo the saga just before the end.

    The new international trailer for Solo, which mashed up the two trailers we had already seen, is the best of both worlds. It’s what they should have released in the states, it makes the film looks much more interesting than the full trailer we got. With IW moving out of May, and Deadpool being R rated, and therefore restricted to adults, as well as being a sequel that will almost certainly fail to live up to the original (sequels almost never recapture the magic) I cannot fathom Solo bombing, not when the trailer looks as good as it does on a big screen. I trust Kasdan to write good Star Wars. Echrenreich stole Hail Ceaser from both Clooney and Brolin. Let’s have some optimism here!


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