Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2 (2018) “The End is Near”

What began in 2008 with Iron Man will begin to come to a close in 2018 with the release of Avengers: Infinity War.  The first of a two-part finale to an unprecedented 22-movie story arc spanning the Marvel Universe, the film will unite essentially the entire MCU in a fight against the Mad Titan Thanos.  Heroes will die.  Stories will end.  It’s no small coincidence that this trailer is dropping as Black Panther’s run at #1 begins to come to a close.  Marvel is clearly trying to keep the momentum of its unexpected phenomenon going, and has moved up the release date of Avengers: Infinity War one week, so that we’re only six weeks out from the BIGGEST film of the year.  This trailer is very Thanos-centric, fully introducing the threat first seen at the end of The Avengers six years ago.  Avengers: Infinity War will open April 27, 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War Poster

27 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2 (2018) “The End is Near””

    1. I know. I feel exactly the same, but given that it isn’t the comics and we’re dealing with aging actors, to bring a 22-film arc to a close…if they can land it like they’ve been hitting home runs especially the last few films….it’ll be a thing to revisit forever. PLUS….the characters they’ve introduced in Phase 3 and the potential acquisition of Fox and the FF characters leave a lot of potential for future stories. Will they ever top this initial run? Hard to imagine, but who’d have thunk Black Panther would have been this good this late in the 22 film arc? They’re getting BETTER and they were never bad. If they keep plotting ahead, keep anticipating transitions, then we’ll see new stories too, but the best ones have ending points, and this ends an arc, just like a great arc of say, Daredevil, doesn’t mean the end of the book, just that story. That’s how I’m looking at it, but when credits roll on next year’s Avengers….gonna be some stoic manly tears. Not gonna lie.

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  1. I’m so excited I can’t see straight. The films ARE getting better, and much more ambitious in thier subject matter and scope, and IW gets to use the old guard characters along with characters who are there to start slowly replacing them. And truth be told…I think I like T’Challa, and the good doctor, and Peter Quill and co., better than the guys who kicked things off. I am still waiting for that Black Widow movie…plot wise, it could be every bit as fascinating as BP. Maybe, now that we have seen a back superhero reign, and Captain Marvel cometh, the time will be right. But they had better hurry, because IW is clearing the way, it looks like.

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    1. I learned very long ago to never speak for the womens, but of course, our MCU deprivation will know no bounds…..until the next phase starts two months later with the Spider-Man sequel! LET IT BEGIN AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!

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  2. Two questions…

    First, I’m a little baffled that DuVernay has been tapped by DC to make New Gods. I have lost interest and faith in the DCEU; I have not seen JL, and probably never will, and I have no idea how much New Gods figures into it (my impression is not much). But this move by WB seems like the exact opposite of stealing your competitor’s brain trust to beat them at their own game. Disney has a license to print money, and WB is zeroing in on that rare occasion where Disney makes a bomb. I freely admit that I have not seen A Wrinkle In Time, and that I do to plan to, because it’s going to be to painful, I think. But the situation does not look good, not from where I’m standing. I was wondering if you had come across any inside info I had not heard. Because as far as I can gather, DuVernay is a very talented director of conventional dramas, and was out of her element with Wrinkle.

    Second, am I wrong to think that there is a very real possibility that Tony is going to bite the dust before Avengers 4 is over? The first three phases need some sense of closure, a sense that one book is done before things move forward. Cap dying would be powerful. Not as powerful as Iron Man. Iron Man was the first MCU star, and has always been the glue that held things together. If he goes, it’s symbolic, and it’s moving in a way that no other death would be. And it makes sense that BP has been introduced NOW.

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    1. The New Gods figure a lot into JL because the villain, Steppenwolf, is one of them and he’s trying to use mother boxes to make Earth over into Apokolips, so from that sense…it makes sense…but to hire her after Wrinkle tanked…or to even prioritize it as a film just confuses me. We both know there’s a 80% chance this will never come to pass.

      I can’t see them killing both Tony AND Steve and you know Steve is dying. I think they hold out hope RDJ might take up the Fury position in the MCU (is HE going to be in these films because he can’t get resolution in Capt. Marvel). It’s possible they kill Cap in this one, make Falcon the new Cap and the next one and kill Tony there, but Tony’s visions have always been of his friends dying, never himself. I just can’t see them being that cold-blooded after being so NOT cold-blooded the majority of the MCU. There’s only so many characters they can kill and make it mean something. Killing the entire Thor supporting cast in five minutes kind of robbed that of anything but shock value the first time round. As much as these characters have been developed, they deserve memorable deaths, so I don’t think more than 2 or 3 a film; maybe a few more in the last one, but I just don’t think they’re ruthless enough to kill Tony. I’d doubt Cap if Evans hadn’t practically already said it was going to happen.

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      1. Mmmm…I’m just wondering if they’re really going to go through with Cap, seeing how everyone is expecting it. And for Tony to take a step back, become the new NF, RDJ has to want to keep making these movies. And while he has not been as pointed about it as Evans, i do get the sense he dorsn’t want to be in the MCU forever. He would mean more to the Avegers dead than in some kind of oversight position. More than the death of anyone else, Tony’s death would show that there are real stakes, and it would signify the end of an era.

        Also, as much as it pains me, I think that Hulk ought to go. I’m starting to get the sense that he is going nowhere. Unless Disney thinks a legal victory, and solo films, are seriously in the cards, they need to give up and focus on characters with futures. I get that Tony and Dr. Banner are probably pretty unbearably safe. But if I had to make some hard choices, there you go.

        The New Gods have thier charms if you enjoy comic books, but most people would find them unappealing, with a strange and complicated mythology. WB is insane if they think this will be the next big thing. Like, literally bonkers. Stark. Raving. Mad.

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      2. Ruffalo has said Hulk has been backdoored a story arc going from Ragnarok through the two IW movies. I’d like to see him continue to be added to the mix and he’s pretty easily recasted. I have reasons for being 100% sure Evans is going down…..RDJ may NOT want to continue, but I think leaving the door open is something they’d want to do for him. I’m only sure Evans lasts til the second film in some capacity because he extended his contract to be in it to “finish things up”.

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      3. I don’t think Ruffalo would be easily replaced. I don’t think any of them would be. I have grown very attached to these people. When Banner realized he had been inside the Hulk for YEARS…I’ve never understood a superhero, or felt closer to him, than I did in that moment. Anger, sadness…we get lost. What the MCU understands is that it’s not the suit that draws us to Iran Man, it’s RDJ. They’re selling the people inside the costumes, not the superheroes per se, and i’m not sure that has ever been done so consciously before.

        Whatever Feige and his people decide to do, with Hulk, with Tony, I have faith that they are thinking several steps ahead while keeping many different possibilities open.

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      4. I know what you mean about Hulk but to me his human half is just as important as the green thing inside him. I sincerley hope that the MCU pursues its apparent current strategy of finding new characters, instead of recasting old ones. If someone takes on an old mantle fine, but Dr. Bruce Banner is Ruffalo. Period. (I’m actually not that dogmatic about it, but it is my hope.)

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      5. If they want to unofficially replace him with one of the other Hulks, that’s why Marvel is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m talking about the first Hulk, the one that non-nerds know about. As long as Banner goes away concurrently with Ruffalo’s retirement, I’m happy.

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    2. Actually, after having dissected this trailer SPOILER POTENTIAL, and I have nothing to back this up, but I think Loki will die and die early in the film after Thanos’s ship takes aboard the Asgard ark and Loki tries to save himself by offering up the Tesseract/Space Gem. I think Thanos takes it and kills him. It establishes him immediately as a lethal threat, more so than the original Avengers villain, and you don’t see much Tom Hiddleston in any of these trailers. Btw, how incredible is the Star Wars-style poster IW got? It needs to be on my wall.

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      1. Ah, he’s actually thought this through. Of course. It connects directly to the end of Thor 3, too. And a hero doesn’t have to lose his life to make Thanos look like a huge threat.

        It would be better if it were a hero tho. I love the MCU, but my objection has always been that it’s too lighthearted, always plays things too safe. If there are not one or two devastating deaths by the end of Avengers 4, then I hate to say this, but the MCU…it’s a little bloodless.

        The poster is so incredible, instantly gives the film heft. It does highlight that there are going to be a LOT of characters in this movie. I’m heartened to hear that the film will basically be about Thanos. If they focus on spreading the characters out, giving each one his/her “moment,” they fail. Everyone just needs to organically serve the story, and to hell with whether they all get a chance to shine. I know that sounds harsh, but i’m afraid the alternative is going to be a film that is neither here nor there.

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