Tom Hardy and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises

Top 10: Movie Fistfights


WatchMojo’s back with another movie list: this time featuring the Top 10 Movie Fistfights of all-time.  Bit of a violence warning on this, but if you hadn’t figured that out from the category title, then the warning probably won’t be read until after the video.  The guidelines for the list were that the fight had to be fist-intensive so too much kicking got it tossed, and fights could not take place within the confines of sports, so no boxing matches (but then they include bare knuckles brawling from Sherlock Holmes, which smacks of self-rule breaking….ANARCHY!).  I’m not exactly sure when WM put this out, but I think it’s at least three years old, but it does have some great selections….and a few that I think could easily be improved upon.  Die Hard, Fight Club, The Winter Solider, and The Dark Knight Rises?  Absolutely.  Picking a Rowdy Roddy Piper movie over the fight on the tarmac from Raiders of the Lost Ark?  That seems a bit dodgy to me.  CineFix is the king of movie lists as far as I’m concerned, and WatchMojo’s are always entertaining, but seem to have always room for improvement.  I think Raiders is a clear inclusion.  What do you think needs to go on this list?Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving in The Matrix

3 thoughts on “Top 10: Movie Fistfights”

  1. You’re right. That scene from They Live did NOT belong on this list when the Raiders propellor scene was absent. It might have even deserved first place. Honorable mention, give me a break. Did you know that the stuntman who played the guy on the conveyor belt in Temple of Doom, who also got reduced to a smear of blood, was played by the same guy?

    I keep thinking there’s a great Coen Brothers fistfight, but no, all that happens in their movies is that characters get beaten up. In Miller’s Crossing, Albert Finney gives Gabriel Byrne a beating for the ages, plus the scene contains a weird Coen Brothers moment where he happens to land in the arms of a random fat woman, and she screams and hits him with her purse before the beating continues. There is a genuine fistfight in O Brother Where Art Thou, between George Clooney and his wife’s suitor, but it’s a comic one, and probably does not belong on a list like this one. It’s really funny though. I love it.

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