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Top 10: Film Villains With Justifiable Motives

WatchMojo has a great idea for a list this week with the Top 10: Movie Villains With Justifiable Motives.  The best villains believe they’re the hero of their own stories.  The elite make the audience believe their actions, no matter how heinous, are justifiable.  Think of the best screen villains, and you usually know why they’re doing the things they are.  One of the MCU’s biggest problems until recently was a lack of motivation given to the villain.  Most non-MCU comic book films focus on the villain almost to the detriment of the hero (most Batman films), but the MCU took the opposite route and poured all its character development time into the heroes.  Phase 3 took a different approach and gave us more nuanced villains like Ego, Killmonger, Zemo, and even, yes, Thanos, were given a twisted logic for their crusades.  WM went with The Vulture for their list, and that’s a good pick.  I actually don’t have much of a problem with any of their picks: Silva from Skyfall, Syndrome from The Incredibles, Koba, Magneto, etc.  I think the only flaw in the list is that it doesn’t go back any further than 1982’s Blade Runner for candidates, but I’m sure everyone can think of a few baddies who had motivation enough for some sympathy.  Who would you have put on this list?  Javier Bardem in Skyfall

Top 10: Movie Fistfights


WatchMojo’s back with another movie list: this time featuring the Top 10 Movie Fistfights of all-time.  Bit of a violence warning on this, but if you hadn’t figured that out from the category title, then the warning probably won’t be read until after the video.  The guidelines for the list were that the fight had to be fist-intensive so too much kicking got it tossed, and fights could not take place within the confines of sports, so no boxing matches (but then they include bare knuckles brawling from Sherlock Holmes, which smacks of self-rule breaking….ANARCHY!).  I’m not exactly sure when WM put this out, but I think it’s at least three years old, but it does have some great selections….and a few that I think could easily be improved upon.  Die Hard, Fight Club, The Winter Solider, and The Dark Knight Rises?  Absolutely.  Picking a Rowdy Roddy Piper movie over the fight on the tarmac from Raiders of the Lost Ark?  That seems a bit dodgy to me.  CineFix is the king of movie lists as far as I’m concerned, and WatchMojo’s are always entertaining, but seem to have always room for improvement.  I think Raiders is a clear inclusion.  What do you think needs to go on this list?Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving in The Matrix

Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending (2015) *A Reasonable Critic Review*

Mila Kunis, Jupiter AscendingJupiter Ascending is an extremely cool movie layered on top of a bad one. I have never been so entertained by a movie this flawed. I don’t mean I enjoyed its awfulness, like Plan 9 From Outer Space. I mean I actually found it enjoyable.The question is, do you want to shell out money to see it, particularly in IMAX 3D?

Continue reading Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending (2015) *A Reasonable Critic Review*

My Favorite Scene – The Matrix Revolutions (2004) “Neo vs. Smith; Final Battle”

The last three weeks we’ve been reviewing The Matrix trilogy in light of the rumored new trio of films being planned by the Wachowskis.  We had a lot of fun going through The Matrix and even The Matrix Reloaded, but now we come to Revolutions and the fun stops here. Continue reading My Favorite Scene – The Matrix Revolutions (2004) “Neo vs. Smith; Final Battle”

My Favorite Scene: The Matrix Reloaded (2003) – “Freeway Frenzy”

Trinity, Carrie Ann Moss, The Matrix Reloaded
When The Matrix hit it was an unknown quantity that quickly became a word-of-mouth sensation that managed to, by the end of the year, sway many jaded Phantom Menace fans to its universe and the promise of more to come.  I saw Reloaded at a midnight screening and the sheer amount of black leather in that audience could have upholstered Guam.  They walked in super pumped, borderline riotous.  They walked out  arguing, some defending the film some already off the bandwagon.

Reloaded is a divisive film and that’s not without cause.  Whereas the psychobabble in the first Matrix was cool, the psychobabble in Reloaded was some of the densest dialogue ever spoken by man.  In particular the scene between Neo and The Architect ( awesomely lampooned below by Will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards that year).

I like Reloaded overall (Revolutions we’ll get to next week), but it’s not so much a film – complete and polished – as it is a series of set pieces, some of which are insanely cool.  The Burly Brawl when it happened was incredible but time hasn’t been kind to it and it looks painfully dated today. 

The Matrix Reloaded

The fight at the Chateau is incredible and it was a toss-up between that and this extended highway madness.  I hope these two videos cover as much of it as possible.  From my mind it’s one continuous scene from when Morpheus and Trinity hit the street in the car until he kills the Ghosts (so underused).  The Matrix Reloaded, Morpheus, Laurence Fishburne

What people might not know is that in order to film this, they actually build over a mile of freeway and overpasses out in the desert to choreograph this madness.  Below is a picture from the air of how massive that set was.  Enjoy my favorite scene from Matrix 2 and we’ll be back here to, brace yourselves, handle Revolutions, next week.
The Matrix Reloaded