Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

My Favorite Scene: Deadpool (2016) “Deadpool vs. Colossus”


Deadpool was a wildly successful surprise in 2016 because it gleefully embraced the character and gave comic book fans and movie fans in general a hysterically inventive impish bag of just plain wrong. Deadpool’s hyper violence and super embrace of its R-Rating isn’t an indication that all super hero films need to be R-Rated, but Deadpool is an R-Rated character and one that Ryan Reynolds gets to a disturbing degree. After seeing the character maligned in the regrettable X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds made it a personal crusade to get an unplugged Deadpool onscreen and was rewarded with huge box office and a Golden Globe nomination.

Deadpool doesn’t work because it’s hyper violent and contains possibly the most amazingly inventive bag of swearing I’ve ever beheld (and I-no joke-used to live on the docks). It works because THAT is who Deadpool is, and Reynolds manages to still make the sociopathic fourth-wall-breaking mutant relatable, sympathetic, and somehow endearing despite the mayhem he leaves in his wake. Picking a favorite example of that is tough, but I love the contrast between Colossus, occupying the opposite end of the moral spectrum in the X-Universe, and Wade. Watching Deadpool literally pulverize himself while trying to beat up Colossus may be the hardest I laughed in a film that consistently entertains start to finish. Deadpool 2 has a tough act to follow.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Deadpool (2016) “Deadpool vs. Colossus””

  1. The (mostly positive) Solo reviews are so unenthusiastic. This tells me nothing about the actual film, because critics. TLJ was the second coming according to them.

    But now, over a week before Solo comes out, the reviews are in, and they’re just okay, and now there’s no more suspense, only a lack of passion, in the days going in. Sometimes, review embargoes are good.

    Yeaaaaah, I think DP2 might suddenly be looking to inch in.

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    1. DP2 is at 87% Solo is at 72%…..yeah I wish there had been a review embargo. Not sure what Disney thought they were showing off since it appears it’s pretty much the movie we thought we were getting and now I have to try to duck spoilers for another week and I’ve already probably had the best stuff spoiled. Going to be nice to put Star Wars in a box in my head for awhile…which is something I never thought I’d say.

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  2. Solo sinking fast on RT. Letting the critics see Solo over a week ahead of time was a weird miscalculation. Showing the film at Cannes was the biggest blunder I’ve ever heard of. What kind of response did they think it was going to get, with that crowd?

    The only saving grace is that the critics don’t understand SW, as was evidenced by their LJ reaction. It might be a good sign, with regard to the movie’s quality, that the critics are underwhelmed. Not a good sign for $$$ though, or the franchise. I am heartened by Scott Mendelson’s review over at Forbes, where he says the film plays like an Indiana Jones movie in the SW galaxy, which is exactly how a Han Solo standalone adventure should play. I was saying that before production started. (Although the way that Mendelson stuck up for TLJ during its run was a little bizarre. It was like his mother’s honor was at stake.)


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