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Ant-Man Blu Ray Release Date and Details!!

Disney and Marvel have released the details of special features the Ant-Man Blu Ray which will be hitting stores on December 8th (available digitally November 17th).  No Marvel One-Shot again, which is a disappointment.  Those little one-shots were getting to be worth the price of the blu ray alone.  The last one pretty much swayed my opinion on Iron Man 3 from “waste” to “ok”.  Ant-Man was a nice surprise, given the turmoil in its production and it’ll be fun to see how they did the size-changing chaos that made the film another unique entry in the MCU.  Details on the disc features below from comingsoon.net.
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My Favorite Scene: Ant-Man (2015) “Ant-Man vs. Falcon”

Now that we’re 12 films into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve got such a large character base that literally anyone can pop up in anyone’s film.  The film universe has that connected feeling that Marvel Comics do.  The latest entry, Ant-Man, got a surprise cameo from Anthony Mackie (who just owns Falcon) when Scott had to break into the Avengers’ new digs.  Not only is it a great fight, but it’s pretty hysterical and will have repercussions for Captain America: Civil War.  This film was so much fun.Paul Rudd, Scott Lang, Ant-Man

Movie Review: Ant-Man (2015) *Phase 2 Closes on a High Note!*

Paul Rudd, Scott Lang, Ant-Man

Let’s be honest: we’ve been worried about Ant-Man.  It isn’t enough that the hero is difficult (borderline silly) to seriously segue into the already-crowded Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Ant-Man had a tortured near-deacade long journey to the big screen, a directorial change at the last minute, serious rewrites and cast a comedian with no action movies in his resume in its lead role.  Let me allay your fears: Ant-Man is good.  It’s a fun, funny heist movie that deftly brings Ant-Man into the MCU in a big way.  Marvel’s made another smart, unique film that ends its second phase on a light note before the looming specter of Captain America: Civil War and Phase 3. Continue reading Movie Review: Ant-Man (2015) *Phase 2 Closes on a High Note!*

My Favorite Scene: Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014) “The Highway Battle”

Halfway through September, this is still the best movie of the year.  Cap 2 rises to the standard of great film, because when I try to pick one scene out of it as my favorite, I get deadlocked in roughly an eight-way tie for first.  As a lifelong comic and Cap fan I just sat there smiling like the world’s biggest idiot for most of the film, but I believe my idiot smile reached its pinnacle when Cap, Widow and Falcon are just trying to survive against The Winter Soldier.  The fight choreography is astounding.  The thing Bucky does with the knife….that shouldn’t be possible.  I don’t even know if its.  I know this movie me made me believe it COULD be.  So smart, so funny and so reverent to the characters, this film top s the MCU heap for me and I maybe the best compliment I can give it is I want to get Avengers 2 out of the way so we can get back to this Cap story! (Not really, I need to see both.)
Captain America The Winter Soldier, Cap 2, Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans

Chris Evans Sticking Around After Cap 3? Captain America 3 Rumors!

Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America, Steve Rogers, Chris Evans


The rumor mill has had Chris Evans wanting  out of the MCU when his contract is up, but in doing press for the Blu Ray release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Evans doesn’t sound like a guy ready to retire.

“Who’s handing off the shield? Don’t take my job from me prematurely dude. I’m sure it’ll happen at some point, all good things have to come to an end. But I’m really happy playing the character.”

Evans, more than any other member of the MCU cast has been filming his part pretty much non-stop since filming began on Captain America: The First Avenger, and I think he’s probably exhausted.  That certainly would play a role in musings about retirement.  The Russo Brothers have said Cap 3 will end Steve Rogers’ story and Evans sounds excited about bringing it to the screen.

“It’s this giant web of plot, where everything is connected to everything else… that’s the beautiful thing and especially for the fanboys who understand these plotlines. With Cap 3, we’re going to continue this excitement… Marvel doesn’t disappoint. Whatever you’re hoping for, you’re probably going to get.”

Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America, Steve Rogers, Chris Evans

Captain America 3 will be the second film of Phase 3 of the MCU (Ant-Man being #1).  It sounds like from this article from Crave that it will be just as game changing as the second film was if not more so.  It also sounds like we’re going to get an official title very soon. 

 Crave Online recently had the chance to talk to Joe and Anthony Russo about the upcoming third film that they’re developing. One of the first things they are asked about is the title, apparently it’s been in place for awhile and they hope that they get to announce it soon. Joe said,

“If you’ve been talking to Kevin [Feige, President of Marvel Studios] the title has been in place probably for ten years in his brain. It’s all part of the road map that he’s laid out, and it’s all part of the bigger plan.”

The direction the studio is taking this character has been planned out from the beginning. It’s not like they are just coming up with this stuff now. Marvel knows where the characters’ arcs in their universe are going. Joe explains,

“Yeah, I think the way Kevin does it is there are big pieces that he knows he wants to build towards, but the way that you get there is open to interpretation and improv a little bit. That’s defined by who gets involved with the project, the writers and directors involved in the project. The big thing we knew we had to deal with in Cap 2 was the fall of Hydra. Similarly there is a very, very big idea at the center of Cap 3. But how we get there is all up to us. And I think why Marvel has been so successful is because it’s been such a clear plan, that everything is interconnected and they’re building emotional capital with each movie that you can then trade off of in the next film.”

The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, Sebastian Stan

When asked about the those set pieces and if the villain and other characters in the story are a part of that big set piece, Joe said,

“No, all that stuff is open for interpretation. Usually it’s just one big idea that alters the universe as a whole in some way, that has interconnectedness that he’s grabbed on to. That’s the case with Cap 3, but as far as villain and story arc and tone, all that stuff is left up to us.”

I thought that TWS was the strongest Marvel movie to-date and I am just as excited about Cap 3 as I am Avengers 2.  We can speculate all we want, but Marvel’s six years ahead of us, so they know what they’re doing here.  They’ve just spoiled us now to the point where we want more NOW!  Captain America 3 will release in May 2016 (that’s a long way from NOW).