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Top 10: Movie Deaths That Pissed You Off

Even if I don’t always agree with their actual choices, I admire the ability of WatchMojo to churn out list topics like fortune cookies.  Character deaths are tricky.  On one hand, a great character death can be a defining moment not just for the story arc of the deceased character but also for every character around them.  On the other, if you botch it, people get maaaaaad.  WatchMojo hits a number of them in their Top 10: Movie Deaths That Pissed People Off.  The list is too heavily weighted toward recent films, and has some duds (is anyone really super incensed over Mortal Komat: Annihilation, Pacific Rim: Uprising, or Godzilla?).  It does also make the long-overdue argument that all Kate Winslet had to do to save us from one of the most annoying deaths of all time in Titanic was haul to Leonardo Dicaprio out of the water and spoon.  No matter what side of the debate you are on, you have to admit that the deaths of Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk deeply peeved people.  What makes me maddest about character death is when characters die just to fill an unspoken death quota in bigger films.  I love Joss Whedon, but he is the absolute worst at this.  Whedon blood rage is the only explanation for why Quicksilver had to die in Age of Ultron or, even worse, why Wash & Shepherd Book were slaughtered in Serenity.  Which character deaths made you throw things for weeks?William Shatner in Star Trek: Generations

POLL RESULTS: What’s the Best Star Trek Film?

Last month’s poll asked Killing Time readers to pick the best of the twelve Star Trek films.  Though there were cases made for many films, including a lot of love for the new cast, the longtime standard-bearer remains #1.  Killing Time names Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan the best Star Trek film  of all-time.  Thank you for voting, those of you who did (shame on the rest of you freeloaders) and, barring a loss of power from the currently visiting Tropical Storm Andrea (howdy), we’ll get a new poll up later this weekend.Star Trek, Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, Khan


Reminder: Vote in Best Star Trek Film Poll

Just a quick reminder that there’s a little over a week left to vote in KT’s poll for this month: Best Star Trek Film.  You can vote by going to the main page www.sleeplessthought.wordpress.com and you’ll find the poll near the bottom of the first sidebar.  So vote away and we’ll go over the results next week and see what kind of dent Star Trek Into Darkness has made in the rankings.  Thanks for reading!

Star Trek First Contact, Picard, Data, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner

Ultimate Star Trek Montage

Feeling like a quick Star Trek marathon after having seen Star Trek Into Darkness?  Here’s a fantastic look through the highlights of the series if you don’t have time to rip through the eleven films you have at home (yes, even the crap ones, you have those too…we all do…sigh).

Star Trek, Star Trek 3, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Spock, Enterprise

My Favorite Scene: Star Trek VII: Generations (1994)

Week five of our seven week countdown to Star Trek: Into Darkness brings us to Star Trek VII: Generations.  Yes, I know they stopped numbering at VI, but I like Roman numerals and continuity so we will continue numbering in the appropriate manner.  This is the first Trek film I saw in the theaters.  I went five times.  No, it’s not THAT good, but I was going through the Trekkiest phase I’ve ever been in and it filled a niche.

Next Generation should not have been canceled so soon.  None of the cast wanted it to end and it would have been in Paramount’s interest to keep it on the air until they had a solid plan for film transition.  They panicked about not having Star Trek films and rushed the transition and it ended up nearly destroying the franchise.  The sad reality is, there’s only one good Next Generation film (next week, people).  This is a mix: the hand-off movie.  If Shatner is in your movie, Shatner is IN YOUR MOVIE.  You’re not operating as the cast that revived the franchise and sadly next week we’ll talk about their only shining solo moment onscreen.

The best parts of this movie are the fanboy dream moments of Kirk and Picard interacting.  They could not be more different characters, but the bond of being captain of the Enterprise; something they can really only understand, brings the film through some extremely weak parts and oh DEAR GOD no one say the word “nexus”.  It’s been 19 years (feel…so…old) so I think I can say that Kirk dies at the end, which was pretty gutsy.  That’s a huge icon to kill (though Shatner wrote novel after novel trying to resurrect the character and have it make sense) and though I didn’t like it at the time, it’s grown on me to the point where it’s become the signature moment of the film.  “It was…fun.”  What’s more Kirk than that?