Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games

Trailer Time: The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part One Teaser #1 (2014)

It’s an extreme teaser, more of a reminder really that The Hunger Games will be back come Thanksgiving, but this teaser featuring Donald Sutherland’s President Snow was the most-viewed video on YouTube last week.  The Hunger Game’s final book, Mockingjay, has been split into two films.  Part One will be hitting theaters on November 21, 2014.The Hunger Games Mockingjay, The Hunger Games

5 thoughts on “Trailer Time: The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part One Teaser #1 (2014)”

      1. There are fangirls who will protect it and try to justify it. Still, the book isn’t long enough to justify two movies. The only time a franchise did that was with the final Harry Potter book/movies. Almost 1000 pages you had to translate to the screen…that justifies two movies.


      2. I agree completely. I actually think the last two Harry Potter books should have been split and they really warranted the elbow room. Mockingjay is such a different book than the first two that I’m not sure if it will be as popular (strike that, yeah it will be), but it’s a very odd choice and one I can’t see in any way justified by content. These have been 2.5 hour movies too, so it’s not like they’ve been constricting the adaptations.


      3. The only thing that the new Hunger Games movies will have going for them (if they do it right) is the whole “Rebel against the Capitol” stuff. Anything else (particularly the romances) will be kinda meh.


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