The Reasonable Critic Reviews Monty Python’s Final Performance

Today I went to the multiplex and saw the live broadcast of Monty Python’s last performance together. And I am sorry to report that they’re now finally gone for good. I’m a little sadder, and the world is a slightly more serious place.

I grew up on these five maniacs who somehow found each other and formed what was probably the greatest comedy troupe in history. If only the sixth Python were still with us, but at least Chapman left the legacy he did.

The surviving Pythons showed their age today. Only Terry Gilliam looked genuinely buoyant up on that stage. But they were having so much fun together. It was like a high school reunion, except that everyone present liked each other in the past.

Back in its day Monty Python was groundbreaking, edgy, and weirdly idiosyncratic. Dare I say, avant-garde? And so there was something surreal about the way they paraded their greatest hits onstage today in a venue as big and overpowering as a rock concert’s.

It’s also strange how warm, reassuring, and safe their act seemed, despite the darkness and rudeness that has always been an integral part of their appeal. When Cleese and Palin trotted out their Dead Parrot sketch towards the end of the performance, it wasn’t the way it used to be, but it worked like a charm. One of them knowingly sold a dead bird to the other, and yet they were old friends.

Adieu, adieu, adieu. Always look on the bright side.

Say no more.


New X-Wing Design in JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: Force for Change Video

In his last video for the new Star Wars: Force for Change charity, JJ Abrams showed us the first creature from Star Wars Episode VII.  This time we get a look at the new design for the X-Wing.  Money for charity; nuggets of geek goodness for fans.  Win win.

Star Wars Episode VII Spoiler Details *MAJOR SPOILER WARNING*

Star Wars, Star Wars Episode VII, Fan Made Poster,
Fan Made Poster

As we get closer and closer to Star Wars Episode VII and the spin-off films, I’ve had to come up with a policy regarding potential spoilers.  The majority of Star Wars fans I know, want to debate the rumors and are hungry for every tidbit they can get.  However, I do realize that there are some who want to go in cold.  I’m somewhere in-between, where I’d like to know general stuff but nothing to spoil surprises.  So the KT policy on Star Wars Episode VII rumors is I will label MAJOR SPOILER anything that has to do with the specifics of the plot and place it after a text break so you’ll have to decide whether to continue.  This comes up today because Badass Digest has a source that has released some MAJOR details about the plot.  I am not 100% convinced of this source.  Some of the things (and I did read them obviously) don’t ring true to the spirit of what Abrams has been doing thus far, but out of context with the rest of the film it’s almost impossible to tell.  So continue at your peril and discuss away. Continue reading Star Wars Episode VII Spoiler Details *MAJOR SPOILER WARNING*

R.I.P. James Garner Has Passed. The Rockford Files Are Closed.

James Garner photo gallery
Another great actor leaves us this year.  This has been a hard one.  Garner always had a charisma about him that raised the level of his material and between The Rockford Files and Maverick, stands among the iconic leading men in TV history.  Garner was 86.  Full obituary from CNN below. Continue reading R.I.P. James Garner Has Passed. The Rockford Files Are Closed.