Tom Cruise, Ethan Hunt, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible 5

Trailer Time: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation Trailer #3 *The Picture is Locked!*

Along with the news that MI:5 is officially locked, comes the third trailer for the film.  It is a little late to lock a film that releases next month (July 31st), but you also have to keep in mind that this was originally a Christmas release that was bumped up five months to get it the heck out of the way of Star Wars Episode VII.  I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from Christopher McQuarrie’s fifth IMF go-round, and honestly I’m looking forward to this more than I am Terminator 5.

The new flick finds Hunt’s highly effective but destructive Impossible Mission Force (IMF) disbanded by vengeful Washington bureaucrats such as the CIA chief (played by Alec Baldwin). But Hunt pulls his team together (Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and newcomer Rebecca Ferguson) to battle the shadowy force known as “The Syndicate” and its elusive leader (Sean Harris).


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