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Jeremy Renner’s 10 Best Movies

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner has become one of Hollywood’s most consistent leading men over the last decade.  Since hitting A-list status with back-to-back Oscar nominated performances in The Hurt Locker and The Town, Renner has continued to pump out both quality dramas like Wind River, American Hustle, Arrival, and Kill the Messenger.  He’s also part of both the Mission Impossible and Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises, contributing to some of the biggest blockbusters of the last few years.  He’s a solid leading man and action star with a talent for portraying everyman characters in the tradition of Harrison Ford.
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My Favorite Scene: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) “OPEN THE DOOR!!!”

Defying the logic of diminishing returns on franchises, the Mission Impossible team is currently working on the sixth film for next year.  That will put movie six out 22 years after movie one with largely the same cast intact.  It was a franchise that didn’t really explode until JJ Abrams and Brad Bird delivered movies three and four, and they stand as two of the best action movies in recent memory.  Christopher McQuarrie’s Rogue Nation wasn’t quite up to par with those two, but delivered a tremendously good time starting from this: the very first scene in the film.  You have Simon Pegg freaking out in a ghillie suit while everyone on the team is screaming at him, which is a nice bit of reminding everyone of the current IMF team.  All in pursuit of getting poor Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) from OUTSIDE the giant plane he’s currently dangling off like a wind sock to INSIDE the giant plane before he becomes meat paste.  It’s Mission Impossible at its finest.
Simon Pegg in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Movie Review: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) *Spy vs. Spy Fun*

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Ethan Hunt, Tom CruiseMission: Impossible is a unique franchise.  It has been around for 20 years, yet only produced 5 films.  Each film has had a different director.  Each installment, with a few small exceptions, stands more or less on its own.  Most franchises suffer diminishing returns as they age.  After a mixed first two films, MI produced two of the best spy/action-adventure films made in the last 25 years.  Surely that was it.  The fun was done.  Director Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise and company may not have turned in an installment as legendary as the previous two, but Holy Moses this is a fun film!  If I could end this introduction by having my post self-destruct in five seconds, I am totally amped to do that…..however even if I figured it out, I’m fairly certain that would be international cybercrime…… Continue reading Movie Review: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) *Spy vs. Spy Fun*

POLL: Most Anticipated Film July – December 2015

YES, I omitted Star Wars!  Why?  Because this would be a completely uninteresting poll if Star Wars was included because I can guarantee you, knowing as I do this site’s demographics, that Star Wars Episode VII would win with something between 80 – 95% of the vote.  AND IT SHOULD!  This poll is all about what we’re going to do while we’re waiting around for Star Wars to come out and recreate our minds in stupefied wonder. Continue reading POLL: Most Anticipated Film July – December 2015

Trailer Time: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation Trailer #3 *The Picture is Locked!*

Along with the news that MI:5 is officially locked, comes the third trailer for the film.  It is a little late to lock a film that releases next month (July 31st), but you also have to keep in mind that this was originally a Christmas release that was bumped up five months to get it the heck out of the way of Star Wars Episode VII.  I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from Christopher McQuarrie’s fifth IMF go-round, and honestly I’m looking forward to this more than I am Terminator 5.

The new flick finds Hunt’s highly effective but destructive Impossible Mission Force (IMF) disbanded by vengeful Washington bureaucrats such as the CIA chief (played by Alec Baldwin). But Hunt pulls his team together (Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and newcomer Rebecca Ferguson) to battle the shadowy force known as “The Syndicate” and its elusive leader (Sean Harris).