Disney Infinity 3.0

Complete List of Achievements/Trophies for Disney Infinity 3.0 (2015 – XBOX, Playstation)

Whoever came up with Skylanders is a diabolical genius.  If you don’t have kids or haven’t been exposed to video game/addiction that is Skylanders and Disney’s copy: Infinity (and soon LEGO’s copy: Dimensions), it works like this.  There’s a core game that comes with a little pad and a few figures.  When you place the figures on the pad, they appear in the game and become playable characters.  Then you NEED TO OWN the other several dozen figures, which are all helpfully sold separately.  Disney’s original Infinity featured just its own characters, but 2.0 added the Marvel characters and now 3.0 is adding Star Wars.  It is both evil and cool (as most good ideas are).  Disney Infinity 3.0 releases on August 28, 2015.  Achievement list as well as what you can expect from your starter pack is below, as always, check out xboxachievements.com for all your cheevo needs.

Disney Infinity 3.0 – Achievements
There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Buddy System (30 points)
Earn 5 Sidekicks

Feeding Frenzy (30 points)
Feed a Sidekick 50 times

Fruitful Harvest (50 points)
Harvest 100 plants

Turquoise Feats (30 points)
Complete 5 Feats

Silver Feats (50 points)
Complete 25 Feats

Golden Feats (50 points)
Complete 50 Feats

Diamond Feats (50 points)
Complete 75 Feats

Press Save to Continue (30 points)
Save a Toy Box

Born Adventurer (100 points)
Play all Toy Box Adventures

Outside Concessions (50 points)
Play a downloaded UGC in the theater

Tutorial Totality (30 points)
Complete all Toy Box and INterior tutorials

INterior Mansion (30 points)
Build a 20-room INterior

Attained Terrain (50 points)
Reveal all the terrain in the Hub World

A Roomy Affair (30 points)
Throw a party for your friends in one of the designated Sidekick Rooms

Arcade Ace (100 points)
Participate in 10 Arcade Matches (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)

Blow to Your Character (30 points)
Defeat another player’s Character

Friendly Competition (100 points)
Participate in an Arcade Match (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)

Double Trouble (30 points)
Play a Toy Box with 2 players

Toy Store Buyout (100 points)
Purchase 100 toys from the Toy Store

On the Nice List (30 points)
Earn 10 Toy Presents in the Hub World

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