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WWE 2K18 Complete Achievement List (Xbox, Playstation – 2017)

One of my guilty pleasures is the idiocy and testosterone fueled soap opera that is professional wrestling (I’ve read all of Shakespeare too; I’m a complicated dude).  I’ve not been impressed by past WWE 2K entries.  It’s so hard to master the variety of things that can happen in the squared circle and out of it in the locker room, and I just haven’t seen it successfully done.  Cover star Seth Rollins and RAW GM Kurt Angle go over all the new improvements to the franchise for this year’s edition.  For those KTers who check it out, let me know if they succeeded.  WWE 2K18 is in stores now.  Cheevos below courtesy of the current heavyweight champion of the internet: Continue reading WWE 2K18 Complete Achievement List (Xbox, Playstation – 2017)

Killing Time Passes 500,000 Hits: The Most Popular Pieces in the Site’s History

Killing Time

On January 24, 2013, I started a blog on media to pass the time (you can click on About Killing Time if you want the entire dynamic origin story).  This morning, during the wee hours, that site passed half-a-million hits.  500,000 hits, baby!  That’s just on KT, not the social media pages, but if you had told me when I was starting out that we’d ever get to 1/2 a million hits, I’d have upped your thorazine.  I saw the number creeping toward the milestone a month ago, as I’ve noticed we’re also nearing 10k followers (you geeky legion, you).  I had no idea it was that high, and I just want to sincerely thank every one of you who makes this a fun site to write, manage, micromanage, rearrange and then re-micromanage, and for the comments, support, and sense of community that has-especially this year-made this such an awesome place to be.

No doubt the morning shows are all over this, but I thought I’d share just a few of the reader reactions to the news.  SO kind (thank you for the mic drop, Mr. President).  After the break check out the most read articles in the site’s history.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Complete Achievement List (Xbox, Playstation, PC – 2017)

As much as I love Star Wars (and clearly I love Star Wars a lot), I love Tolkien’s Middle-Earth even more.  I was an enormous fan and sunk over a hundred hours into 2014’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.  It was such a great game, but it had its glitches and frustrations.  The revolutionary thing in that game, and seemingly perfected in the sequel was the Nemesis System.  That the orcs and other enemies you ran into, remember you, become stronger if they defeat you, bear scars from you and can be impressed into your service.  It makes the world seem that much more of a living organism.  The reviews for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War make it sound like they ironed out the kinks and this is my most anticipated game of 2017.  It’s out today for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.  Cheevos below courtesy of the greatest site in the land:

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Forza Motorsport 7 Complete Achievement List (Xbox, PC – 2017)

I’m more of a fan of the Forza Horizon series than Forza proper, but it’s absolutely the best driving franchise in gaming.  Horizon is more arcade and fun, but for serious car enthusiasts, Forza is the showcase.  The seventh installment has over 700 cars and more than enough content to keep you behind the wheel until Forza 8, including cars from The Fate of the FuriousForza 7 is also the only 4K game (though it plays just fine on Xbox One) exclusive it has for the Xbox X launch.  It’s a solid title, with good reviews flowing in, but I think Microsoft still hasn’t given Xbox One owners enough of a reason why they’d want the X (especially if they don’t have a 4K equipped TV).  Forza Motorsport 7 rolls into stores on October 3, 2017, and cheevos below are-as always-courtesy of the sterling

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Cuphead Complete Achievement List (Xbox, PC – 2017)

One of Microsoft’s biggest problems right now is a lack of exclusives, especially this year.  Console exclusives are getting more and more rare, but when they come, they’ve been coming to the PS4, and that’s a long-term problem for a company launching the XboxX in two months.  Gamers who don’t have 4K are going to need convincing reasons to lay down the $500 Microsoft is asking for the powerful new console.  Cuphead isn’t going do that, but it is a Microsoft exclusive, well-reviewed, and there are-to my knowledge-no other games that look like 1940s WB cartoons featuring tea cups with run and gun action.  Cuphead is available now for Microsoft PC and the Xbox One.  Achievements below courtesy as always  from the peerless Continue reading Cuphead Complete Achievement List (Xbox, PC – 2017)