Adam Driver in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren Reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story!!!


Solo: A Star Wars Story has proven to be a box office disaster for Disney, and has been received with mixed reaction with the fans.  I enjoyed the film myself, but the most important question is….WHAT DID KYLO REN THINK OF IT???  Here with a VERY SPOILER INTENSIVE REVIEW is none other than Auralnauts’ Kylo Ren.  For Kylo’s thoughts on The Last Jedi, and Rogue One click on the link and enjoy.


11 thoughts on “Kylo Ren Reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story!!!”

    1. Lol oh it is a spoiler filled review, but it’ll be worth revisiting after you do see the movie. Auralnauts is a great channel. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy nutrition obsessed Bane

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  1. This has officially become one of the reasons I hope they keep making SW movies.

    “But it turns out all those things happened during one crazy weekend. And this movie is about that ONE WEEKEND.” HA!

    I must be the only person who likes the way Han got his surname. Only because of the Godfather II reference.

    I wonder whether this film would have been easier for people to take if it had been couched as a tale. As in, a story about Han’s early days, being told many years after the fact by Lando or someone. Couch it as a story that possibly has exaggerations in it, even one or two outright lies. Not that Lucasfilm ever would have done what I’m suggesting, but even Alden’s performance would have come across as a better one. I know that two other films were planned, but in THIS movie he was way too cheerful and “good,” and if he were implicitly presented as a slightly-idealized version of a young Han, it might have worked out better. Just a thought, it might not have worked at all.

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    1. At this point, I think THIS Kylo Ren is a better one than the one in the movies. It’s freaking uncanny how well they nailed his voice, and having Ben Solo review his father’s film is almost enough to suffer through all the SW handwringing that’s going on right now. It honestly comes down to getting rid of Kathleen Kennedy and Abrams finding a new level to bring Episode IX back to the same unifying essence of SW that he did with VII. Both are possible; both are far from sure things.

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      1. It sounds to me like the narrative in Hollywood right now is that poor marketing killed Solo. And while the subpar marketing was definitely in the mix, if that is the ONE BIG THING that’s taking the heat, Kennedy remains in charge and literally nothing changes, except for the psychology they try to employ to get us into the theaters next time.

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      2. The thing that is endangering Kennedy is the bottom line. TLJ underperformed in the thing that SW makes the most money in: merch. Toys, books, etc. That’s how Lucas made his fortune, and as much money as SW is worth at the box office, it makes more moving LEGO sets and action figures. Doing that, though, requires an energized fanbase. The fanbase is something Kennedy has repeatedly taken shots at, and as a result, she’s become the face of their discontent. Solo’s going to move even less merchandise than TLJ and, yes, the marketing was idiotic. They’ve also pledged to never release two SW films in a twelve-month period, which would seem to lock them into December releases from now on (which makes sense). But if they continue to ignore the increasingly irate fans, Solo is not going to be an isolated incident. Lucasfilm might be saying it’s the marketing. I don’t know if Disney is that myopic. If they are, you’re right SW is toast. Let’s see what happens over the next few months. Whatever they do, it’s not going to be knee-jerk. I think there are going to be consequences for Solo. It’s not the film that deserves to have this stigma hung around its neck, but if it is the one that instigates the needed changes, so be it.

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      3. There is one thing to keep your eye on: that new trilogy of Rian Johnson’s. I was certain, for a long time, that the announcement of his trilogy was a marketing ploy promoting TLJ. After all, Lucasfilm announced it before TLJ had made a single dime, and they said there was no actual idea. Sounds like propaganda to me, designed to show that Lucasfilm was confident in TLJ. I always expected a cordial announcement that the deal had fallen through. I thought it would have come by now. I cannot imagine Lucasfilm keeping that trilogy on the slate, but if they do, THAT is how we know there is no hope.

        Let me ask you: was anyone in the theater when you saw Solo clapping or laughing at any of the moments? The Chewie reveal? The Kessel Run? The thing is, the fan base is pretty much gone, and Disney is not going to get them back by reminding them of classic moments. Not anymore. The callbacks are now painful, not thrilling, to a huge percentage of the fan base. In the case of Solo, sure everyone understood the introduction of the Falcon, but most people didn’t know what the Kessel Run was offhand. This movie was absolutely dependent on people taking about the movie’s callbacks, fans spreading the word, enthusiastic stories being peddled in the press, ect.

        This reliance on callbacks was not going to last even under the best of circumstances. It was the portentous, expected “moments” that got many people through the prequels. Since then we’ve had TFA, we’ve had R1, and while they were awesome, they also hit everyone over the head with the references. The references are not funny anymore. Not thrilling, not clever, not anything. And the thing that worries me is this: even if Disney/Lucasfilm doesn’t coast with the marketing next time, even if they allow a sane interval between movies, even if they put the kibosh on the slo-mo and hyper-dramatic close-ups in future movies, even if they make the ideology feel natural again and organic to the story…I find it hard to believe that they will embrace originality, that they will stop filling the movies with references designed to make the audience cheer. And unless they do embrace originality, unless they stop leaning on the past, unless they move to other times and places in the galaxy, all the other fixes are just going to be patches.

        A reckoning is coming in Hollywood. Two weekends ago, Han and Chewie met for the first time, and everyone shrugged. Hollywood is about to learn, I think, that people are getting sick of the forced nostalgia. What worries me is that I’m pretty certain the reckoning will not come fast enough to save SW, because of the pace of the SW releases. I think SW might be one of the sacrificial lambs that gets everyone to wake up. I really hope Episode 9 is everything.


      4. BTW. I did not think it was necessary for the film to get so explicit about Lando’s relationship with the driod. By the standards of SW, those conversations got downright graphic. I did not think the joke that was made while the driod cut through the metal fence was necessary either.

        When you get right down to it, Lucas’s films, while politically neutral (for the most part almost studiously so), align rather neatly with what Kennedy believes, or so I thought. I believe very strongly in standing up and voicing what you believe in, but as Spielberg once famously told Shia LaBeouf, “There’s a time to be a human being with opinions, and there’s a time to sell cars,” and when, for example, you release an unfathomably incendiary music video while you are at the center of a blockbuster’s marketing campaign, you are staving business away. A week before a blockbuster film comes out, it is not true that all publicity is good publicity, and when you are making a movie where the stakes are this high, you sometimes have to choose between alienating multitudes, or making a profit. If Kennedy and Company do not see this, they are risking all. They should contribute their money to the political campaigns they want, and say whatever they want, too. I am simply suggesting some strategic self-control might be in order, when it comes to the content they put in their movies. I am suggesting that during the periods when the marketing blitzes are going on, they should talk more about the films than politics. That’s if they want their films to keep raking it in at maximum levels. If not, if what they want is to try to change the world through their art, that’s different. But both objectives are not working in harmony at the moment.


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