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Duncan Jones to Start Shooting World of Warcraft in 2014

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Last week, we got news that we’ll see a big screen adaptation of Assassin’s Creed in 2015; this week we have more information on the World of Warcraft movie that will be helmed by Duncan Jones (Moon).

According to /Film, the movie will start shooting in 2014 (with a decent length shoot and what I’m sure will be heavy post-production, probably a mid-late 2016 release if it stays on schedule).

World of Warcraft producer Charles Roven said,  “First quarter 2014 we’re going to shoot that movie. We’re moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and I’m having a great time with Duncan.”

Duncan Jones is one of the most talented young directors in Hollywood with Moon and Source Code proving his science fiction cred.  This is a giant leap, both into the realm of fantasy and in the scale and budget of the film.  It’s definitely one to keep your eye on as it goes forward.


Top 5: Kevin Spacey Movies

Top 5: TV Episodes of All-Time (Comedy Edition)

I have been recovering from a bout of food poisoning (tomato soup, we are breaking up for life) the last two days.  During that time, I was fortunate enough to discover Kevin Spacey’s new drama on Netflix, House of Cards.  I watched the first six episodes in one sitting and I would very much like to get back to it (plus I can feel my ability to stay vertical waning) so a special shout out to someone I’m glad to see doing good work once more: Kevin Spacey.
1. The Usual Suspects
2. LA Confidential
3. Margin Call (one of the most underrated films of the last five years)
4. Recount
5. Superman Returns*
* Yeah…don’t like American Beauty or Glengarry Glen Ross.  Discuss.