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5 Reasons Why the Superhero Genre Will Endure

Henry Cavill in Man of SteelWe’ve all shared this familiar childhood moment: with a towel on our back that functions as our imaginary cape, and a cut-up cloth over our heads that’s supposed to be a make-shift mask, we run all over our house thinking we’re flying across a city that needs saving. On numerous occasions growing up, we imagined living the superhero and superheroine mythology ourselves even before fully understanding the fascinating comic book universe they come from and the captivating stories they hold.

Just by this virtue alone, you can expect the superhero genre to live on as it is deeply ingrained in our consciousness, more so in today’s culture, and will continue for many years to come. Not convinced? We’ve got five persuasive points to make you consider otherwise. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why the Superhero Genre Will Endure

Top 10: Movie Props of All-Time

CineFix lists are a staple now on Killing Time.  I love the way they continually crank out amazing lists exploring the breadth of the history of cinema, and how each rung on the ladder is a different aspect of the subject they’re examining.  Here, we’re talking props.  Iconic movie items.  The lightsaber.  Indy’s bullwhip. Inception’s top (an honorable mention on their list but I would have definitely put it up there.  Props even become characters.  Their selection, and I can’t argue, Wilson from Cast Away.  Tom Hanks got me to cry when a volleyball floated away.  Every time.  Because HE WAS WILSON!!!  Inanimate objects are tools of the actors and take on lives of their own.  They’re an integral part of film and this was a fantastic idea for a list.  Bravo to my favorite channel on YouTube.

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark

21 Best Character Departures of All-Time

Back in February, we featured CineFix’s 10 Best Character Entrances and made a Killing Time list to accompany it.  The bookend to that is CineFix’s massive tear-jerking list of 21 Best Character Departures of All-Time.  Just as a great entrance can instantly put a stamp on an iconic character, how that character leaves us is what the audience will take out of the theater will them as they go home to digest the film.  Obviously a good-bye is less fun than a hello, and a lot of these good-byes are for good, but all are iconic and it’s tough to argue with any of the picks made in the list.  If you have any that weren’t, feel free to light up the comments with your own.
Ian McKellen in The Lord of the RIngs: The Return of the King

Top 9: Amazing Performances From Actors Who Stopped Caring

What Culture put together a great list that I never would have thought of on my own, but is so true: the best performances by actors who just gave up.  Sometimes you can tell, clearly, that an actor is not at all pleased to be in a film and the performance comes across (Marlon Brando in Superman; Brando appears TWICE in a nine person list).  Sometimes, the actor knows the movie is truly awful and decides to steal it with a legendarily good performance in a legendarily bad film (Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves).  Sometimes a great performance comes across despite an actor being miserable on-set (Chevy Chase in Community or Robert Shaw in Jaws), but whatever the reason, it’s always interesting to get a behind-the-scenes peak into what made a memorable performance so memorable.Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now

Top 10: Opening Title Sequences of All-Time

All hail, thee, CineFix, master of the movie list!  Today’s list examines a little-appreciated, but critical part of the film-going experience: the opening credits.  We’re all used to ho-hum opening credits, but every once in awhile (and not as often now as we’d like), we get a credits sequence that baptizes you into the tone, the plot, the style, or even the backstory (think Watchmen’s brilliant credits) of the film.  Of course, the most famous of opening credits and most psychedelic are those from the Bond franchise, two of which ended up on Cinefix’s list, but I think Skyfall’s were every bit as good as the two chosen, combining Adele’s masterful song with the Bondian trip down the rabbit hole of images that would soon be significant to 007’s adventures.  All told though, another masterful lesson in cinema history and fun view from the list forgers at CineFix.
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