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10 Best Character Entrances of All-Time

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube at all, you know people are desperate for subscribers.  The last 10-30 seconds of almost any YouTube video are a needy cry for help from whatever channel you’re watching, but if you’re a movie fan, and you want consistently awesome and inventive lists, you need to subscribe to CineFix.  They turn out random Top….Whatever lists on a regular basis and they’ve come up with some great ones.  This particular one highlights the best character introductions; the first time you see a character onscreen and know they will dominate the film and fill your mind with catchphrases for years to come.  I liked this idea so much, I will not actually watch their video until after I publish this post because I made my own top 10 list below based off the same idea.  So if they copy my ideas, it’s certainly not my fault. Continue reading 10 Best Character Entrances of All-Time

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Back to the Future: The 30th Anniversary Edition (Xbox, Playstation – 2015)

If you haven’t been playing Telltale Games; you’ve missed some of the best video games of the last few years.  Usually licensed video games are disasters, but Telltale has been making episodic, choose-your-own-adventure games that have tapped into Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, Fables, and Game of Thrones, among other properties.  They’ve just released a full game for Back to the Future that has the original voice cast (Michael J. Fox does a cameo role, but they found a dead-on double to do Marty) and the blessing of the writer Bob Gale.  It just debuted on consoles this week.  Check out achievements below courtesy of the awesome xboxachievements.com. Continue reading Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Back to the Future: The 30th Anniversary Edition (Xbox, Playstation – 2015)

Jurassic World Sequel Set for 2018

Jurassic World
I thought Jurassic World was ok (click here for review); not great, but certainly better than the other attempts to follow up Jurassic Park.  I’ve been absolutely floored by how well it has done at the box office, though.  Clearly there was a convergence of nostalgia from people like me who loved Jurassic Park and wanted to re-experience it and a new generation who just generally wanted to see dinos snacking on tourists.  The end result has been a phenomenal gross for Universal Studios.  Jurassic World today passed The Avengers and is now the #3 film all-time in global box office.  I fully expect it to pass Titanic for #2, though Avatar’s not budging off that throne (perhaps Episode VII will put a Star Wars film back atop the leaderboard).  With all of its success, it is the least shocking announcement in sequel history that a follow-up film (Jurassic Park 5 or Jurassic World 2….who knows?) has been greenlit for 2018 with both Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt expected to return.

Chris Pratt, Jurassic World

The end of Jurassic World left the door wide open for future installments.  They’ve got Isla Nublar in ruins, overrun by dinosaurs…..again (I am curious to know how they regained control after the first film).  Then the world’s dodgiest geneticist, good old Dr. Henry Wu, and his freakazoid dino hybrid project have been whisked away by INGen (The World’s Dumbest Corporation Since 1993) to a secret location.  Making the Indominus Rex a hybrid was fine.  Unlike the T-Rex from the first film, you never like the I-Rex.  She’s an abomination.  However, if you’re just going to start cranking out hybrid dinos, you stray from the actual dinos, which as Chris Pratt put in the film, “Are ‘wow’ enough”.  So we’ll see what direction they take.  Director Colin Treverrow had said before the film came out that he didn’t plan to do another one (which seemed like a presumptuous statement at the time), but we’ll see if that holds in the wake of Jurassic World’s box office success.
Jurassic World, Jessica Chastain, Indomitus Rex, Jurassic World

Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015) *The Park is Back in Business*

Jurassic World
Jurassic Park was the first PG-13 film I was “allowed” to see in the theaters, and as it has turned out, every subsequent Jurassic film has come out during a period when I lived in or was visiting West Virginia, as I have been this week.  That movie experience of seeing dinosaurs come to life in, what I still think, is one of the best action/adventure films of all-time, remains indelible to this day.  The subsequent installments….not so much.  If you’re looking for a quick, spoiler-free review, Jurassic World is the best and most logical sequel to the original film; however, if you’re looking to recapture the glory of 1993, you’re going to leave seriously disappointed.  It will make a boatload of money and, if my audience’s reaction was any indication, leave us looking for more dinos in the future. Continue reading Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015) *The Park is Back in Business*

My Favorite Scene: Jurassic Park III (2001) “The Dactyl Enclosure”

As the fourth installment in the Jurassic series prepares to stomp into theaters this weekend, we end our month-long look back at the series with one of the weirdest franchise sequels of all-time: Jurassic Park III.  It’s not that JP3 is horrific.  Some people will argue that it succeeds more than The Lost World did; at the very least being succinct.  What I found most remarkable about the film when it came out, and still do, is how there was absolutely and completely no interest in it whatsoever.

Universal barely marketed the film.  It had no buzz.  After the initial excitement on The Lost World, most people settled to the opinion that it was pretty subpar, and no one was screaming for another visit to NOT THE ORIGINAL ISLAND, but the island from the movie that everyone agreed sucked, only four years later.  Coupled with the “Spinosaurus” (and I’m not the paleontologist I was at age 8, but I still think that sounds like the most made-up thing ever) making the T-Rex its dino…..slave (there’s a better word but I try to keep this family friendly) and the whole film just seemed to have no reason at all to exist.  It was nice to see Dr. Grant again, sure, but they kind of undermined his smarts by making him dumb enough to get shanghaied back onto a dino island in the first place.

So is there anything at all to recommend JP3?  Yes, actually.  Like some of the best parts of The Lost World, it’s a set piece mined from Crichton’s first novel and had actually been planned as part of the first film before being cut from the final script.  The entire sequence in the aviary with the pterodactyls is just pretty freaking awesome.  They’re completely different from any dinosaur in previous films and the way they shroud the whole enclosure in mist with the dactyls attacking in and out of banks of fog really is a great action piece.  Does it save this film.  Noooooooo.  I am glad to see, though, from trailers, that we’ll be seeing our flying friends again in Jurassic World.