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Dunkirk Blu Ray Release Date and Special Features

Christopher Nolan Filming Dunkirk

There are a group of great films this year at the very top of what has been, otherwise, a mediocre year in film.  Nearly 11 months into the year, Dunkirk is still my pick for Best Film of 2017.  Part of me wonders how much of the immersive experience of Dunkirk will be lost when you’re viewing it at home and not in an IMAX theater.  Gravity is a comparison you could draw.  That film is still good at home, but it’s nothing compared to what it was in IMAX 3D.  I suspect it will still be one of the best war films I’ve ever seen and at the top of Christopher Nolan’s very elite resume alongside The Dark Knight, Inception, and Memento.  The official press release from WB as to the film’s blu ray and 4K special features is below (man, I wish Nolan would do director’s commentaries).  Dunkirk will hit stores just in time for Christmas: December 19, 2017.

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Trailer Time: Dunkirk Trailer #2 (2017) “When 400,000 Soldiers Couldn’t Get Home; Home Came to Them”

Despite having seen Guardians 2 and it being glorious (review coming soon), my summer 2017 movie is still Dunkirk, which was reinforced by the trailer we got before Guardians.  Due to the sad knowledge gaps of history most people have, Dunkirk is not a story that is going to live on in perpetuity unless it gets hammered into the popular consciousness with a film monument.  You can debate the wrongness or not of that statement, but no one under 50 would remember Apollo 13 without the film.  The new history teachers are directors, and hopefully we get ones as good as Chris Nolan to come along and make people don’t forget that when 400,000 British soldiers were trapped between the Nazis and the Ocean, literally anything that could float in Britain was sent to bring them home.  Seeing what a Nolan war film looks like will be amazing (the aerial combat scenes put you in the cockpit in a way I’ve never seen before), but this is a story so amazing it sells itself.  That being said, here’s Chris Nolan to sell it further.

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Trailer Time: Dunkirk Trailer #1 (2017) *Hope is a Weapon; Survival is Victory.*

*Text from ComingSoon
Warner Bros. Pictures has debuted the new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. Watch the new Dunkirk trailer below, and you can view the new posters in the gallery underneath.

Dunkirk, which Nolan is directing from his own original screenplay, has cast a crop of newcomers who include Fionn Whitehead (ITV‘s Him), Jack Lowden (’71), Aneurin Barnard (Citadel), and One Direction singer/songwriter Harry Styles. Recent Academy Award winner Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies), Kenneth Branagh (Valkyrie), Cillian Murphy (Inception), James D’Arcy (Cloud Atlas) and Tom Hardy (The Revenant) will be the more experienced members of what is said will be a largely young/unknown ensemble cast.

Warner Bros. Pictures is distributing the Dunkirk movie worldwide and has slated the film for a July 21, 2017 release. The film will be released theatrically on IMAX, 70mm, 35mm and all other screens.


Trailer Time: Dunkirk Teaser #1 (2017) *Christopher Nolan’s WWII Epic*

We have our first look at one of 2017’s most anticipated films: Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic: Dunkirk.  Nolan’s last outing, Interstellar, was not among my favorite of his films (which is to say I merely “really liked it” instead of “memorized it”).  I’m not sure how much that had to do with the loss of Nolan’s cinematographer from Memento through The Dark Knight Returns: Wally Pfister.  Interstellar’s cinematographer, Hoyte Van Hoytema, returns as does longtime Nolan composer, Hans Zimmer.

Nolan is not only, in my opinion, the best director working, but also one of the most talented writers in any medium.  The screenplay for Dunkirk was written by Nolan.  Dunkirk, was not so much a battle as it was, perhaps, the most miraculous retreat in all of warfare.  It was the early days of WWII, the Nazis were steamrolling through France, and all Allied efforts were failing.  Suffering immense casualties, the remaining 300,000 troops were cornered in a tiny town called Dunkirk on the French coast.  They assumed they would meet their end there, but from across the British channel came not only military ships for evacuation, but literally anything that could float.  If you could sail it, British citizens set out to save their troops.  It’s an astounding story and I’m very much looking forward to Nolan’s telling of it.

The film stars James D’Arcy, Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Brannagh, and Mark Rylance.  Dunkirk will open in IMAX and regular theaters on July 21, 2017.