Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Unravel (2016 – Xbox, Playstation)

2016’s calendar of big video game releases is pretty sparse in comparison to the last few years.  We’ve had LEGO Marvel Avengers and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens announced for June, Far Cry: Primal coming, but no huge juggernauts.  No doubt every great game of the year will be dropped on us in three weeks in the fall, bankrupting all gamers.  Unravel looks like it could be a fun diversion.  The physics-based platformer debuts on Xbox One and Playstation 4 this week on February 9th.

Unravel – Achievements
There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The red thread (100 points)
Collect all Achievements

Renewed (100 points)
Mend a broken bond

No stone unturned (100 points)
Find every secret

Not so fragile after all (100 points)
Finish each level from start to finish without dying

Missing piece (20 points)
Find the first missing piece

Watch the waves (20 points)
Find the second missing piece

Found at last (20 points)
Find the third missing piece

Walkabout (20 points)
Find the fourth missing piece

Everlasting (20 points)
Find the fifth missing piece

Scarred earth (20 points)
Find the sixth missing piece

Shut down (20 points)
Steal the sixth missing piece back

Reach out (20 points)
Find the seventh missing piece

Cold but warm (20 points)
Find the eighth missing piece

Time will catch up (20 points)
Find a broken half piece

The end is not the end (20 points)
Find the other broken half piece

Gardener (30 points)
Tear down all the thistles in one go

Eagle eye (30 points)
Find the secret hidden in the tree tops where you fly

Pacifist (80 points)
Make it through the mire in one go without swatting any mosquitoes

Get a clew (30 points)
Get the secret hidden in the mountain maze

Pathfinder (30 points)
Make it to the water wheel without using a log raft

Dig where you stand (30 points)
Use the excavator to find a secret

Undaunted (30 points)
Find the secret in the crushing, zapping death machine

Obsessive (30 points)
Break all the ice on the way to the letterbox in one go

Snowfall (30 points)
Clear all the snowy branches in one go

Reckless (30 points)
Find the secret in the engine room

Flow (30 points)
Use your lasso to jump between 25 different points without touching the ground

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