Full List of Winners from the 2016 SAG Awards

Leonardo DiCaptio, The Revenant

The 22nd Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards were handed out and, if you want to look at who is building momentum going into the Oscars, I think The Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brie Larson have to be the favorites for Picture, Actor and Actress at this point.  Alicia Vikander continued her breakout year with a Supporting Actress win and Idris Elba won Supporting Actor for Netflix’s Beasts of No Nation and on the TV Side Best Actor for Luther.  Man, Netflix has come a long way.  Pretty soon they’ll be a force at the Oscars, and don’t think that’s not in their plans.  They pulled in a total of four wins for Beasts, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

The award I love the most that the SAG do that no one else does is an award for an ensemble cast.  This absolutely should be an Oscar category.  Rewarding an entire cast when it’s hard to single out one performance because essentially everyone was a fantastic supporting player should be done at the highest level.  The SAG made a fantastic choice with Spotlight.  Full list of winners below. Continue reading Full List of Winners from the 2016 SAG Awards

Movie Review: Bone Tomahawk (2015) *I Want to Un-See That!*

Bone Tomahawk

Kurt Russell starred in two Westerns last year, and I’m kind of puzzled as to why I ended up seeing this before The Hateful Eight, but I like Westerns and Russell starred in one of my favorites in Tombstone, so I went ahead and checked out the buzz around Bone Tomahawk.  It is, in many ways, a very traditional Western with chunks of extremely non-traditional Western…..chunks of people.  Is it worth seeing?  I think so, especially for the script and Richard Jenkins supporting performance, but be aware that it gets bloody in Bright Hope Continue reading Movie Review: Bone Tomahawk (2015) *I Want to Un-See That!*

POLL: BEST FILM OF 2015 (4th Annual KT Reader’s Awards)

Star Wars Episode VII, Rey, Finn, BB-9, Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, Han Solo, General Leia Organa, Stormtroopers, Planet Starkiller, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Maz Kanata

2015 was a fantastic year for movies, and now it is time for the Killing Time Community to do their yearly duty and anoint one movie as the BEST FILM OF 2015.  I do my own yearly awards (The Renaissance Film Awards) just before the Oscars, so this is the readers’ pick.  Will you follow the critics toward The Revenant or Spotlight?  Will you pick a summer favorite like Mad Max, Inside Out or Jurassic World?  Or will the odds-on favorite, the biggest film in history, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, take home the prize?

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Here are how the 15 finalists for the award were chosen: I took the eight films the Academy nominated for Best Picture, added the next four highest ranked by my personal list, and then added the top three box office earners not covered by either previous category.  All year you endure my yakking about my opinions, but this is your award.  This is our most important poll of the year, so VOTE!  The winner will be announced on February 27, 2016, (Oscar Eve), and will join the ranks of past winners:
2012: The Dark Knight Rises 
2013: Gravity
2014: Guardians of the Galaxy 
2015: ?????????
Ex Machina, Alicia Vikander, Domnhal Gleeson, Oscar Isaac,

Top 5: Avengers Most Likely to Die in Civil War

Captain America: Civil War, Captain America, Iron Man

War is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we are months away from the next installment in the series – Captain America: Civil War.  In case you haven’t attended a movie within the last six months, here’s the trailer to get you to speed:

There WILL be casualties in Civil War.  We know this from Marvel and we know that multiple death scenes have been filmed with multiple characters to keep us all confused.  That being said, I think there will be a huge death, and probably a supporting character death in the film.  The supporting character cast at Marvel is so large know that you could speculate endlessly (though my money would be on William Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross unless they plan on bringing the Red Hulk into the MCU any time soon).  If you have not read the graphic novel, or know nothing about the story, this is going to get spoilery, so bail. Last warning.  Here are my top 5 most likely candidates for a big death: Continue reading Top 5: Avengers Most Likely to Die in Civil War

POLL RESULTS: Best New Character from Episode VII is….

After the largest turnout for any poll in the history of the site (way to go people!), the Killing Time Community’s pick for the best new character from Star Wars Episode VII is Rey (Daisy Ridley).  There were really no wrong answers here.  Episode VII gave us a wealth of new characters to add to the Star Wars lexicon and even Max von Sydow’s Lor San Tekka (and his one scene) got him a vote or two. Continue reading POLL RESULTS: Best New Character from Episode VII is….