Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008, and it is an example of how fans can influence the development of the games they want to play that eight years later Faith will be running again.  Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a prequel (at least in parts) to the first game and features more open-world elements, though the parkour acrobatics remain the same.  I loved Mirror’s Edge, but here’s the thing: I am the world’s worst video game jumper.  I have a gamerscore over 123k, but if you ask me to complete the first level of Super Mario Bros without taking a dive into a hole, it’s not going to happen.  So….a game about death-defying running and jumping from building to building, I admire, but will leave to y’all to enjoy.  Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst releases June 7th for Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One.  Your full list of achievements is below, courtesy of the web’s greatest site for cheevo addicts: xboxachievements.com.
Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – Achievements
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Knowledge is power (15 points)
Complete all of Plastic’s missions

Downtown Girl (15 points)
Complete all side missions in Downtown

I refuse to sink (15 points)
Complete all side missions in Anchor

Building Blocks (15 points)
Complete all side missions in Rezoning

Viewfinder (15 points)
Complete all side missions in The View

Running Errands (35 points)
Complete all side missions

Learn to walk (15 points)
Purchase Faith’s second upgrade

Run free (35 points)
Purchase half of Faith’s upgrades

With Bells On (70 points)
Purchase all of Faith’s upgrades

Praise the Run (15 points)
Reach full focus and keep it going

Easy Runner (15 points)
Springboard, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll

Veteran Runner (15 points)
Shift, Wallrun, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll, Shift

Tenacious Traceur (15 points)
Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump

Seb’s Salute (15 points)
Shift, Springboard, Wallrun, Swing Pipe, Skill Roll

Danger Zone (15 points)
Reach full focus and take out 10 enemies before it runs out

Hey, it’s-a-me again! (15 points)
Perform a highground attack as a finishing move

Elegant Flight (15 points)
Deliver any fragile package without any damage to it

Undetected Surge (15 points)
Shut down any gridNode without notifying KrugerSec of your presence

Roof Runner (15 points)
Complete 10 Dashes in the main game

Express delivery (15 points)
Deliver 10 packages

Fighting the system (15 points)
Complete 15 billboard hacks and interventions

Five Finger Discount (15 points)
Remove 10 electronic parts from Conglomerate terminals

I Saw You On The Battlefield (15 points)
Destroy all Security Hubs

P.I. Connors (35 points)
Find every secret bag hidden in Glass

Story Teller (35 points)
Find every recording and document in Glass

Full Exposure (70 points)
Collect every gridLeak in Glass

User Generated Finisher (15 points)
Complete a user created Time Trial

You can’t keep me down (15 points)
Get yourself to a user created Beat L.E.

Spooky (15 points)
Customize your Echo

Peak Performer (70 points)
Get a 3-star rating on all Dashes in the main game

Georges’ Garrison (15 points)
Springboard, Swingbar, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil

Belle of the Ball (35 points)
Vault, Slide, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Skill Roll

Law-abiding citizen (15 points)
A good Cascadian follows the rules

Secret Achievements

Reunion (15 points)
Resume your old life

Learn to Fly (15 points)
Take flight with some old friends

In his bad books (15 points)
Escape with a gift from an old enemy

Devastation (15 points)
Witness a terrifying event

Payback (15 points)
Repay Dogen

Never forgotten (15 points)
Avenge them

The enemy of my enemy (15 points)
Seek out Black November for help

Smash & grab (15 points)
Resistance is futile

Little girl found (15 points)
Discover the identity of Kruger’s

Into the light (15 points)
Escape from the heart of darkness

Shattered Dreams (15 points)
Take what is his and make it crumble

Blood is thicker than everything (15 points)
Defeat Kruger

Time for a Frenzied Rumble (15 points)
First crack the shell, then crack what’s inside

This. Is. Glass. (15 points)
Send the KrugerSec turrets into the abyss

Vengeful Strike (15 points)
Claw back what they took from you

Hacker Time (15 points)
Hack. Tick. Tock. Run. Repeat.
Faith, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

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