Jennifer Lawrence in mother!

mother! Trailer #1 (2017) *Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Darren Aronofsky*

The trailer for mother! starts off with a loving couple (Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence…..kind of a big age gap there even for Hollywood, guys) fixing up their house and domestic tranquility.  However, this is a Darren Aronofsky film and if you managed to survive Requiem for a Dream, Pi, The Black Swan, or The Wrestler, you know things are going to get very weird, very quickly, you’ll see a lot of amazing acting and also probably a lot of things you’ll wish you could unsee later.  It’s a weird balance of wanting to see the performances Aronofsky draws out and having some things from Requiem for a Dream wandering the dark hallways of your mind for the rest of your life.  My autocorrect, Darren, also thanks you for sticking a lowercase letter and punctuation mark in the one-word title of your film.  mother! will open September 15, 2017.

mother! Poster with Jennifer Lawrence

6 thoughts on “mother! Trailer #1 (2017) *Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Darren Aronofsky*”

  1. No. Just… no. It’s not just that this looks pointlessly disturbing, it’ that I have seen exactly three films directed by this man: Pi, The Wrestler, and Noah, and they’ve just gotten worse and worse. The Wrestler particularly got to me. Never have I felt so unclean being asked to feel sorry for a character, or relate to him. The mistake this director keep making is that he thinks he’s directing deep movies, when in fact he’s directing irritating ones. I’m still trying to figure out how you screw up a legend people have been telling and retelling for millennia. Even if you are an atheist, and have no respect for religion, have a little respect for good storytelling. I thought this guy was in the storytelling business.

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      1. Two questions. First, is it as disturbing as I think it is? And second, do you understand my frustration with the films of his that I’ve seen, and is Requiem on a different plane?

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