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mother! Trailer #1 (2017) *Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Darren Aronofsky*

The trailer for mother! starts off with a loving couple (Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence…..kind of a big age gap there even for Hollywood, guys) fixing up their house and domestic tranquility.  However, this is a Darren Aronofsky film and if you managed to survive Requiem for a Dream, Pi, The Black Swan, or The Wrestler, you know things are going to get very weird, very quickly, you’ll see a lot of amazing acting and also probably a lot of things you’ll wish you could unsee later.  It’s a weird balance of wanting to see the performances Aronofsky draws out and having some things from Requiem for a Dream wandering the dark hallways of your mind for the rest of your life.  My autocorrect, Darren, also thanks you for sticking a lowercase letter and punctuation mark in the one-word title of your film.  mother! will open September 15, 2017.

mother! Poster with Jennifer Lawrence

Movie Review: Noah (2014) *SPOILERS*


I feel odd putting “SPOILERS” on a Noah review, because if you’re surprised by the fact that there’s a global flood than there’s a very catchy Sunday School song you missed out on in your childhood.  I can’t say that I went into Noah (which I saw Thursday) with any real excitement.  I was more curious to see what a $200 million Arnofsky film looks like.  Kind of disappointingly…it looks like everyone else’s Continue reading Movie Review: Noah (2014) *SPOILERS*

Seven Character Posters for Darren Arnofsky’s Noah

There’s a $140 million Biblical epic coming out in six weeks….and absolutely no one is talking about it.  Darren Arnofsky’s Noah is making news really only for religious groups not supporting it, but they’re not really even putting much effort into it.  The article circulating with the poll claiming 98% of religious groups don’t support the movie is based on a poll that simply asked the question, Would you support a Biblical movie that was not faithful to the source material?   Continue reading Seven Character Posters for Darren Arnofsky’s Noah

Trailer Time: Noah Super Bowl Trailer (2014)

Despite this newest poster depicting Noah in a very Leonidas/Maximus role (which having read the Book of Genesis multiple times, it’s difficult to spin Noah as any kind of badass), I am still morbidly interested in what Darren Arnofsky will do with the Biblical story of the global flood.  This is the trailer that will air during Sunday’s Super Bowl 48 (which the Seahawks will win) so catch up on the trailers I’ll be posting all day today and tomorrow so that when game time comes, you’ll be free to make snack runs during commercials.  Noah opens in theaters next month.
Noah, Russell Crowe, Darren Arnofsky

Trailer Time: Noah (2014) *First Look at Darren Arnofsky and Russell Crowe’s Biblical Epic*

The Biblical epic was once a Hollywood staple and, as all things move in cycles, it looks like it’s being given another chance with Ridley Scott and Christian Bale working on Exodus and Darren Arnofsky and Russell Crowe‘s Noah set for release early next year.  Please let them end the film before he gets off the boat at the end and all manner of creepy, creepy things ensue.  Don’t just hand your kids The Old Testament (talking to you here, Mom, bah-you’ll never read this) unless you want them scarred for life.  The film also stars Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, and Logan Lerman. It’s set to be released on March 28th, 2014

Noah, Russell Crowe, Darren Arnofsky