5 thoughts on “Mortal Engines Trailer #2 (2018) *So Begins The Age of the Predator Cities*”

  1. I remember seeing this in a bookshop a few years back and thinking, WTF? But having seen the trailer, it all makes sense. Brilliant, totally insane, perfect. What better way to make use of green screen, state of the art SFX and digital editing technology than to bring these kinds of visionary ideas to the big screen.

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  2. Speaking of original, here’s something! I love the look of this! They can show us anything these days, so why haven’t they been? The number of 2’s this year IS absurd, but if the franchises were Mortal Engines, Dune, the Sprawl Trilogy, and the Dark Tower, then no problem! The argument goes that these things are too strange and cerebral to be blockbusters, but I don’t buy it. If the Martix was huge, Neuromancer could be too. If LOTR was revered, then Dune, and even Dark Tower, could be just as gargantuan. Have really cool special effects, hire big stars, give the project to a young rising film director, and make the marketing ever present. If these films were out there, there would be less fluff to compete,


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