The Year in Review

I don’t know about you (as I barely even know about me) but 2007 was a pretty big year.  I got hired at Loma Linda and got promoted to the ridiculously long title of Assistant to the Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  I love where I work.  It’s a community environment and I love the college atmosphere and since I ran out of ways to figure out how to be a student, this is about as close as I can get to it.  The work varies from day to day.  Some days I sit at my desk and do expense reports and filing (mind you I do this while listening to the muppets on my ipod) and some days I’m at conferences all over the country…..and some days I have to figure out how to ship freeze-dried penguin liver samples to Vancouver (FedEx was not enthusiastic about that).  I got married!  I married my best friend and she is ludicrously awesome.  I hate listening to other people gush about how awesome their significant other is, but mine is better than yours so you can just sleep easy knowing that.  Marriage is awesome, hard, maddening, and wonderful often within the same hour.  I attribute all success in mine to my wife.  I would have divorced myself from myself in my teens had the option and technology existed.  I’m a step-dad too!  I suck at that!  I mean I’m really, really, really bad at it.  You can ask my step-children!  Granted, parenting-wise, they are pretty much done but as a relief pitcher in the ninth inning of their childhood, I am throwing metaphorical fastballs over the catcher’s head.  This, along with a possible onset of whatever type of maturity I will ever attain, convinced me that though I thought I really wanted kids one day and I’d be a great dad…..that I wouldn’t.  I just wouldn’t.  I’m too impatient.  I’m not giving enough.  A child should be the center of everything a parent does and I can’t do that.  I’m not equipped.  Those of you doing it.  Kudos.  I respect it tremendously.  I’ve always said though that if you can’t do that, you have no business having children.  I can’t….so I won’t.  Now this wasn’t so much a biological option in my marriage before, but we’d discussed adoption and other things and this was the year I let it go.  It’s not my role.  My brother plans on cranking out 12 so I’ll be a great uncle, but not a father.  I don’t merit that.  Ok that got very heavy, so let’s move back to the wacky.  I traveled a lot in 2007!  I hit somewhere around 20 states….17 of them in five days with my brother on a 2000 mile madness trek that we’ll be talking about when we’re geriatric.  I got a Xbox 360, which may not seem like a life changing event, but ask my wife.  It’s in our family photos.  Me, the step-kids, the dogs, and the xbox.  Overall, 2007 was pivotal in my life for a lot of reasons.  There have been long stretches of very hard times, but a lot of very amazing blessings, and chiefly a wonderful wife.  God shepherded me through another year.  Bring on 2008!

PS-Let’s all sit back and note that this is the SECOND consecutive year I did not drive a car through my house.  I feel a trend!!! 

2008 Movies

This year sucked. I honestly can’t recall a year in my life that was so blah at the movies. Now, I haven’t seen all the year-end releases yet, and I’m still hoping that I see one movie worthy of a Best Picture Oscar. But, since I am bored and the new year approaches, here in order of release are the films I’m looking forward to in 2008.  I’m sure others will come along and surprise me, but these are ones I’m already hyped about from trailers or source material.

  • The Bucket List                    January 11            Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson….COME ON!!
  • Cloverfield                            January 18             I have no clue what this is, but the trailers have sold me, plus its JJ Abrams
  • Jumper                                  February 8             Could be really cool SciFi, but contains the Samuel Jackson X factor…..
  • Semi-Pro                               February 29           Will Ferrell is on a hot streak, Blades of Glory was great this year.
  • 21                                            March 28               Adapted from Ben Mezrich’s awesome book “Bringing Down the House”
  • Iron Man                                 May 2                     PLEASE, GOD, LET A MARVEL MOVIE BE GOOD
  • Narnia: Prince Caspian      May 16                   Possibly the best trailer I’ve seen all year, I cannot wait to go back to Narnia.
  • Indiana Jones 4                   May 22                   I really, really want this to be good….and I really, really doubt it will be
  • Incredible Hulk                     June 13                 They can’t make TWO godawful movies about the Hulk in a row…..can they?
  • Get Smart                              June 20                 Steve Carrell in an update of one of my favorite TV shows ever.
  • WALL-E                                  June 27                 Pixar.  Period.
  • Hancock                                 July 2                     All Will Smith movies that open Independence Day weekend are required viewing.
  • Hellboy 2                                July 11                   YES!  I like Hellboy.  Shut up.  Could be a great year for comic book movies…..
  • The Dark Knight                   July 18                    I haven’t anticipated a movie this much since Lord of the Rings, BATMAN BABY!!!
  • The X-Files 2                        July 25                    When this series was good, it was amazing….it was also very NOT amazing at times
  • Step Brothers                       July 25                    See aforementioned Will Ferrell comments (note: must re-watch Anchorman)
  • Punisher: War Zone            September 12       Better casted Punisher, new direction…, maybe?
  • Valkyrie                                  October 3                I will see anything Bryan Singer directs, plus they try to kill Hitler so everyone wins
  • Body of Lies                          October 10             Ridley Scott directs DiCaprio and Crowe
  • 007 (Bond 22)                       November 7          Casino Royale was one of my favorite movies of last year, need more Bond!
  • Harry Potter 6                        November 21        Best book in the series.  Best movie?
  • Star Trek XI                            December 25        JJ Abrams reboots Trek
  • Killing Pablo                          December 31        From the bestselling author of Blackhawk Down
  • Coraline                                 December 31        Creepy children’s fable by Neil Gaiman
  • Time Traveler’s Wife            December 31        Best book I’ve read in the last four years……can it be a good movie?

Lots to look forward to in 2008.  Hopefully the franchise movies perform better than their 2007 counterparts.

An Update on All Things Dave

I am aware, in the same way I’m aware that I owe Visa a lot of money, that I should be updating this frequently. Somehow I manage to go weeks without doing anything on here. Shame on me. I’m personally abashed. I’ve abashed myself. That should please you all.

Lots happened recently. Jan and I went and saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra in Anaheim. If you’ve never seen TSO, you are-and I mean this kindly-an incomplete, malformed half-person. They play Christmas music…but they play it the way Air Supply would have if they were better. Oh and there’s explosions. I can’t get in the holiday mood without TSO.

As part of my burdensome job I was forced, FORCED, mind you, to go to Las Vegas for five days to aid with the ASHP Midyear Convention at The Venetian. The Venetian is a ridiculously lavish hotel/casino with an Italian theme. Clearly I did not stay there. My wife is French. I stayed at Paris-a ridiculously lavish hotel/casino with a French theme. This was part of my job. What else has my job forced me to do lately? Well the Dean took the whole staff to lunch in a hummer limo. Barbara Bush came to campus for a talk and I went to represent my department. Yeah, so clearly I’m just snowed under with burdensome and onerous tasks as the holidays approach. Oh shoot, I forgot to mention that instead of a Christmas party we went as a school to see Cirque de Soliel. And, yes, I’m fully aware how obnoxious I’m being, but most of you work for the federal government and get Arbor Day off so I have to get my digs in where I can.

Here we are only one week from Christmas. This is my first Christmas totally without visiting with my family, so that’s kind of odd. Both that I’m 28 and it’s the first time it’s happening and also that traditions and things that are normally part of my holidays aren’t there this year. But Jan and I are making our own traditions (did you READ the TSO paragraph???)and that’s exciting too. To you and yours, happy holidays and a very merry Christmas!