Movie Review: Jack Reacher (2012)


Jack Reacher is a lot like the type of novel on which it is based. It’s a solid story. It moves along. Then a week later you don’t remember much about it. I don’t entirely mean that to be pejorative. There’s a whole slew of fiction that works very well off that model. “Airplane ride books” more or less. Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher, an ex-Military Police Officer who now freelances as a sort of force of justice. When one of the servicemen he investigated turns up as the lead suspect in a sniping in Pittsburgh, the suspect just writes Reacher‘s name on a piece of paper and won’t say another thing. The rest of the film is a detective story and an entertaining one. This is not the 70’s French Connection “cop off a leash” flick that the trailers indicated, but more NCIS: Pittsburgh. I appreciated, by the way, seeing a film take place outside of NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami or DC. The five corners of the filmic geographic pentagram. Pittsburgh suits the feel of the film well and having spent a lot of time there myself, I could recognize where they were a lot of the time. Tom Cruise is crazy, but he’s a solid actor. You don’t see him turn in bad performances. He shows up in every film he’s in and usually elevates the material with his dedication. He does so here, turning a rote page turner into a very nice rental.


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Jack Reacher (2012)”

  1. This just didn’t appeal in the slightest LOL There wasn’t anything original that was appealing, to be honest… I thought about renting it from Redbox, but after a few moments I just thought “meh” and walked away instead LOL (Saved myself $1.33 though LOL)


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