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POLL: What is Your Favorite Show of the New Season So Far?

abc, cbs, nbc, fox, cw

Well, the fall TV season is three weeks in and, while there are a few shows still to premiere, most have at least two or three episodes under their belt?  Which has stood out to you as the best?  Obviously, I’m watching SHIELD (tomorrow the review, tomorrow, I swear), but I also picked up Brooklyn Ninety-Nine and The Blacklist.  Vote for your favorite new show and we’ll have the results a bit after Halloween!

Visit the Killing Time home page to vote!

One thought on “POLL: What is Your Favorite Show of the New Season So Far?”

  1. I no longer watch TV series when they first air. I’m tired of growing attached to them just to see them get canceled or jump the shark. These days, it’s very easy to watch a series after the fact. If I ask around, and find out that a series was ultimately disappointing, I can make an educated decision about whether to put the time in. If I know going in that a show was cancelled after thirty episodes, I may not like it but at least there are no surprises. Now that Breaking Bad is off the air, and the last episode got positive buzz, I can finally listen to all the people who have been telling me I have to watch it for the past few years. That said, I happened to catch an episode of Sleepy Hollow the other week, and it was better than it had any right to be, especially since I am a HUGE fan of Tim Burton’s version.


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