On Classic Wolverine Costume, Hugh Jackman and FOX Lawyers

Howdy!  I’m basically a pretty laid-back guy.  I’m basing that on other people’s assessments of me and if I fooled them, I think I get to say that I’m a pretty laid-back guy.  If you have a disagreement with me or something I write, let’s talk.  Let’s dialogue.  My best blogging friend thinks the Star Wars prequels are biblical apocrypha, so clearly I can entertain divergent opinions without turning into a giant rage monster.  What I’m not a huge fan of, is giant corporate lawyer cesspools (quite literally CS Lewis‘ vision of Hell in The Screwtape Letters) spitting cease and desist orders at me.  You know what makes me even less pleased?  When said cease-and-desist orders are written with all the coherency of Mumbai spam.

“So bold, so new, so petty, so FOX!”

So earlier this week, which has not been a stellar period of time, I’m checking my email, and I see that FOX has slapped me with a cease and desist order for a photo relating to The Wolverine.  Without quoting the thing, I was to immediately take down the offending image/picture/promotional item Wolverine,The1394BQ405.  This is how it was identified.  Fortunately, Word Press seemed to know which one they were talking about because if it had been up to me to locate it, Fox would still be mad (though in all fairness, I’m not trying to soothe them with this post).

I’ve gotten one of these before from Summit Entertainment over Ender’s Game and to sate them, I developed a special Ender’s Game disclaimer that is so ridiculously over-the-top in its lack of legal claim, that it seems to have satisfied the buggers.  This one, I mentioned in my contrite, yet pissy (yes I can manage that tone) letter to WordPress, pointed out that it might be more effective to come to an understanding with someone over something you feel they posted out of turn if you take the time to point out what it is they posted that has upset you using a system more coherent than the Dewey Decimal method.

But I was also curious….The Wolverine is out on Blu Ray in a few weeks.  It’s out of the theaters.  What would put their knickers in such a twist that they’d go all legal on my tiny fiefdom?  After nearly a week of researching, I found out and it makes me very interested about X-Men Days of Future Past.  The post that they demanded I take down was a shot that had leaked from the set of The Wolverine that showed a classic Wolverine costume custom-made for Hugh Jackman.  Originally, there was going to be a brief segment of the film where he wore it, but it didn’t work out…but what if the costume wasn’t for The Wolverine?  What if it was for, since post-production on The Wolverine overlapped with pre-production on X-Men Days of Future Past, the next X-Men movie.  To be clear, let’s show what costume we’re talking about here in terms that hopefully will not anger FOX and its lawyer drones.  We’re talking about a grown-up, sculpted version of this Wolverine costume:


So are we going to get the classic yellow and blue at some point?  Is that why you’re being such ….sticklers, FOX?  I’m curious now.  It was just a throwaway curiosity piece before, but now the KT staff and adorable Wolverine child are on this Woodward & Bernstein style.  Don’t let his beguiling innocence fool you.  That child will SNIKT you in a heartbeat.  That cloying smile, mid-giggle?  That’s because he’s watching another adorable kid in a Deadpool costume eat someone’s face.  And the question you have to ask yourself is…how many of these Weapon X children with their homicidal tendencies and so-cute-you-could-gobble-it-up costumes do we have in cloning tanks here at the KT offices?  Sleep well, FOX lawyers.

Trailer Time: The Double (2013) Plus Two Posters

Not quite sure what to make of this one.  Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasi….uncessarily long last name in a dark comedy about a man drive crazy by the appearance of his doppleganger directed by Richard Ayoade (Submarine) based on a novella by Fyodor Dostoevesky.  So…bit of a wild card?Jesse Eisenberg, The Double Mia Wasikowska, The Double

Trailer Time: Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones (2014)

I’m not a horror guy. In fact, I kind of hate the genre with a few exceptions. The things that scare me are more suspense than a dude in a hockey mask with a machete. The Paranormal Activity films got me. They got me and they got me good. In fact, in PA3, when the kitchen comes down…I may have punched my wife. That’s not an angry punch! Love my wife (she was screaming also at the time and didn’t even notice til later). It was more of a BLAAAAAA DIEDIEDIE….punch.  I thought the way they were building this story while still keeping the conceit of the time-elapse filming was awesome.  Then came Paranormal Activity 4.

Okay.  Things I learned from PA4.
1. You can find demons with a Kinect.
2. The formula can get broken really really quickly.

I thought PA4 was nonsense and it kind of soured me on the whole franchise.  Maybe the most bizarre portion was the post-credits, all in Spanish random convenience store scene.  My understanding is that was some kind of deeply cryptic teaser for this film.  Paranormal Activity 5 is scheduled for its old slot for Halloween 2014, but The Conjuring is the horror franchise the studio is really stoked about now.  Personally, I think they’re missing a huge opportunity to market the Kinect as a demon detection and slaying device.  It’s more than it does actually connected to the Xbox!
Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones


Killing Time – October 17, 2013

Killing Time

Time is making fools of us again.
~JK Rowling

I did quite a lot of gaming last weekend, finishing both DmC and the first episode of A Wolf Among Us.  DmC was a ton of fun, but I think I tore muscles in my arm beating some of the bosses.  A Wolf Among Us is Tell Tale Games’ first effort since their Walking Dead game revived an entire genre of point and click adventure gaming.  If you haven’t played that, PLAY IT!  They also released a Jurassic Park game that was a lot of fun that followed the same model.  A Wolf Among Us is a game set in the universe of Vertigo Comics’ Fables series.  Essentially all of the characters from stories live among us in a community in NYC where they are carefully hidden from every day people.  The sheriff of the community is the Big Bad Wolf (called Bigby in the comic and game) and in this game, which is a prequel to the series, he’s solving Fabletown’s first murder in ages.  IT IS NOT FOR KIDS!  If you some how miss the giant M and all the reasons why it deserves a giant M, then you’re probably the kind of parent who doesn’t mind.  But this one is for grown-ups who still love fairy tales, even gritty ones where Mr. Toad has a potty mouth and one of the three little pigs is a freeloading alcoholic.

Killing Time milestones this week: We seem to be having a mini-numbers plunge not quite so bad as the AUGUSTPOCALYPSE that reduced site readership to me and anyone I would physically plop my laptop in front of in a Starbucks, but despite the slowdown, we still passed 31,000 hits, so thank you for coming back.  We also have a few new members this week, so welcome to you.  Zambia becomes our 148th nation/protectorate/whatever to join the KT community so thank you, Zambia.  Zambia sets an example for the rest of the hold out world.  Countries like, picking at random, French Guiana.  Must we continue this dance, French Guiana?  I’ve got KTers in Brazil and Suriname.  Could one of y’all just hike across the border into the world’s most stubborn country and end this?  Because, I tell you….I am incapable of dropping things.  See I know things, French Guiana.  I know that you prefer to go by just Guiana, so I call you French Guiana to irritate you.  I know most of your economy is dependent on housing the EU’s main space launch site, so I have to ask?  How is European space travel working as an economic pillar?  I also know you don’t have enough border guards on the Maroni River which is your border with Suriname, so you have a lot of problems with illegal immigrants.  I am in no way providing this information to KTers for a run at a coveted French Guiana hit….

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Free Four by Veronica Roth
The Transfer by Veronica Roth
Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Blu Ray:
Gangster Squad
The Great Gatsby
After Earth
*My Latest vs. Greatest column is forcing me to watch some truly, truly horrid movies in the name of research so you people better love the frick out of it.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season One
Grey’s Anatomy Season Ten
Brooklyn Ninety-Nine Season One
Arrow Season Two
New Girl Season Three
The Blacklist Season One
Damages Season Five

Song of the Week: “Future Days” by Pearl Jam

Video Game:
DmC: Devil May Cry (conquered!)
A Wolf Among Us Chapter 1 “Faith” (100%)
Ascend: Agents of Kul (Level 3)
Hitman: Absolution (first Hitman game I’ve played; any others recommended?)
* XBOX Live, gamertag: sleeplessdave; feel free to friend me!

Wonder Woman Vol. 4: War by Brian Azzarello
Indestructible Hulk Agent of TIME Vol. 2 by Mark Waid

Great Fan Made Jurassic Park Piece – TURN OFF THE LIGHT!!!

Jurassic Park


Once again proving that the best posters are being made by fans these days comes this very cool piece from THE iconic moment from Jurassic Park.  Just a quick update on Jurassic Park IV, Nick Simmons and Ty Simpkins (Harley from Iron Man 3) have been cast for the film which is officially being called Jurassic World.  I’m avoiding calling it that because every time I say it, I picture Jaws coming for Louis Gossett Jr. in Jaws IV.  I’m sure this will be better (on the theory that being worse would be a feat like unto building the Pyramids of Giza).