4 thoughts on “The Scene From Captain America: First Avenger to Recall as You Walk Into The Winter Soldier….”

  1. This movie is going to be REALLY good. One more day to go.
    I just read that Disney/Marvel has plans for MCU movies up through 2028. That is borderline insane. Maybe superheros will lose their popularity before then—you can never predict these cultural trends—but God bless the people at Disney for their attitude.


    1. It’s true. Kevin Feige said the latest version of their map went to 2028. It’s so brilliant, because they can CONTROL if they lose popularity by the quality and quantity by looking long-term like this. Comic book movies are like any other genre now; they’re here to stay.


      1. Just saw it. Loved it beyond love. Great mid-credits sequence. I am amazed by how gracefully the film manages to be a direct sequel to the first Captain America while weaving together with the rest of the MCU and changing the entire playing field. I’m curious to know your reaction.


      2. Review goes live now! I’m not talking deep spoilers for a week or so. This film needs to be seen, but essentially this was a giant home run. This gets better and better and now we know a Dr. Strange movie is definitely on the way!


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