Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner

TV Review: Game of Thrones 4.07 “Mockingbird”

game of thrones

Our long national geek nightmare is over!  Game of Thrones has returned for 10 weeks of fantasy awesomeness and this is the seventh installment in our lively talk-backs and reviews of each episode.  A warning, and the only one before we dive in, this column is specifically for people watching the show live week-by-week so if you don’t want spoilers, don’t continue.

Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister

I don’t think there’s any drama I’ve ever watched that can eat an hour of your life faster than Game of Thrones.  Mockingbird, our seventh our of ten installments, didn’t really have a HUGE moment (until the last five minutes), but it was a showcase for the writing and character building that have made this show such a success.

Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage, Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones

Tyrion has three visitors this week in the aftermath of his outburst at his trial.  His temper has cost him his life in Jaime’s opinion and Tyrion’s first assumption at a champion is denied.  Jaime doesn’t think he can win left-handed against The Mountain (from whom we get a nice reminding scene of exactly why this is such a problem).  Disappointed by Jaime, he turns to Bron, who won Tyrion’s freedom the last time he ended up in a mess like this.  Bron is a sellsword and Cersei buys his sword, but you do see the genuine affection that’s grown between he and Tyrion.  Third to visit him is Oberyn Martell.  Tyrion assumes he’s come to piss on his already-dug grave, but he tells him a story about how he saw him shortly after his birth and has never been of the opinion he was any sort of monster.  His enemies, as it turns out, are Tyrion’s, and he’ll serve as his champion against The Mountain.  Things have been on such a downward spiral for Tyrion for weeks, that you just felt elated something went right for a change.

We had two great scenes from the Arya/The Hound Road Show.  Maisie Williams needs an Emmy nomination just for the scene with her and the dying farmer.  I enjoy every second the two of them are onscreen.

Danerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones

Quickly checking in with Dany this week, she booty calls Daario and then sends him off to crush the uprising that’s risen against the uprising she started in Yunkai.  Ser Jorah counsels mercy again and after having witnessed some of the consequences of brutality, Dany listens and you can see her becoming a Queen of substance.  She’s got her own way, but she’ll listen to the contrasting opinions of those she trusts and change her mind even.  I’m glad the show’s kept Jorah close to her instead of having him sent away to pointlessness as he was in the books.

Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark

Then we come to The Vale and the reason for the episode’s title “Mockingbird”, the sigil of Peter Baelish.  Lest we forget that this is  the most dangerous, unpredictable person in all of Westeros, he kisses Sansa because she reminds him of Cat.  Then, because his CRAAAAAAAAZY wife Lysa witnessed this and is about to chuck Sansa out the Moon Door hundreds of feet to her death, Peter ends the episode, but shoving his wife out instead (but not before reminding her that he never loved her; sweet).

Oberyn Martell, Game of Thrones

This was a fantastic episode.  Some of the best writing of the season which now has the momentum feeling to it.  We’re building toward whatever awful thing will happen in this year’s episode nine and the end of the season.  That being said, WHY IS THERE NO NEW EPISODE NEXT WEEK?  What is the point of weekends if Game of Thrones cannot end them?  How is this a holiday weekend if there is no Game of Thrones in it???  Two weeks from now, my fellow geeks, we’ll gather for episode eight entitled “The Mountain and The Viper”.  Hold fast until then!

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