Top 5: Marvel Post-Credits Scenes

Top 5
It’s become such a staple of the Marvel movie experience that when the credits rolled on Guardians of the Galaxy, not a single person in my audience even got up to stretch.  After ten films, people know that you are crazy if you leave before THE END CREDITS SCENE!  They were surprises with the first few films, but now everyone expects something big at the end of the credits that’s going to get us psyched for the next film.  Some even have two post-credits scenes now. Continue reading Top 5: Marvel Post-Credits Scenes

Trailer Time: Sons of Anarchy Season 7 (2014 F/X) *Season 6 Spoilers*

SOA was a party I came late to, picking it up in season four.  It’s easy to dismiss it as just a show about a biker gang, but it’s so much more.  Taking Hamlet and setting in the context of this contentious motorcycle gang has produced something unique and completely addicting.  Season 6 ended with a heart-breaking shocker and Season 7 (the show’s final) looks like the ending in Charming won’t be any happier than it was for Hamlet in Denmark.  Sons of Anarchy returns to F/X on September 9th.