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POLL REMINDER: Vote for the Best Film of 2014!

* Yes, I accidentally thought it was a year ago and sent out the wrong post.  I’ve got 2200 of them lying around and I’m an addled old man.  Chalk it up to that….but VOTE!

Just a friendly reminder KTers, we’re less than a week away from closing the poll on which film will be the Killing Time Community’s Film of 2013.  Voting is super close.  Guardians of the Galaxy, Cap 2 and The LEGO Movie are the leaders, but they flip spots every day.  If you haven’t voted…..WHY NOT?  And, as an aside, the people who are voting for Maleficent…..actually SAW Maleficent, right?  It amuses me that the only films with no votes (aside from American Sniper) are the ones the Academy nominated for Best Picture.  Sticking it to the Oscars.  Did I forget to mention to VOTE!


5 thoughts on “POLL REMINDER: Vote for the Best Film of 2014!”

  1. It did get one. “Everything is Awesome” got nominated for Best Song and will be performed live by Teegan & Sarah and Lonely Island at the Oscars. They’re just stupid for not nominating it. It’s the most innovative animated film since Toy Story.


  2. I am flat-out bewildered. And I hate to say this, but while “Everything is Awesome” is awesome in the context of the movie, it’s not the first aspect of the film I would have jumped at to honor.

    Lana Del Rey deserved a nod for the song “I Can Fly” from Big Eyes. The title song she wrote is pretty bad, but I Can Fly is wonderful. Yet everyone has already forgotten that movie ever existed.

    I love movies more than you can possibly imagine, but the Oscars have jumped the shark.


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