Guardians of the Galaxy

POLL RESULTS: The KT Community Best Picture of 2014 Is….

Oscar will hand out its Best Picture award on Sunday, and I’ll be doing the 3rd Annual Renaissance Film Awards (or “the Rennys” as we call them here around the home office), but the Killing Time Community’s pick for Best Film of 2014 is Guardians of the Galaxy.  Voting was extremely tight and Guardians, Cap and The Lego Movie all took turns at #1, but Guardians pushed through late and took the prize.  I’m just going to chalk up the votes for Maleficent to someone having a grand mal seizure at the keyboard.

Guardians of the Galaxy follows The Dark Knight Rises and Gravity as KT Community Best Pictures.  This movie was pure fun and it came around in August at the end of a dismal summer and gave fans of the comic and newcomers alike a wild ride.  This is going to be the first year I’m going to differ from the Community’s pick; this wasn’t what I would have picked, but it’s certainly in my Top 5 and worthy of the title.  Thanks to everyone for voting and tune in for more awards and honors as the week progresses.

4 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS: The KT Community Best Picture of 2014 Is….”

  1. We have reached a point where most movies are pretty much designed to be forgotten. This past weekend’s unpleasantness hammers it home. Design the film around a marketing campaign, rake in the money on opening weekend, and who cares if you created a blight on humankind instead of a classic that will endure? But Disney is still designing their movies to be remembered. Walt could not have foreseen CGI, or grown adults flocking to see movies about superheros, but he would be proud of Guardians if he came back tomorrow.


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