An Infographic Showing the Tsunami of Super Hero Films Headed Our Way

I don’t want you to move to high ground or anything but… know what, go ahead and move away from the coastline because a TSUNAMI of comic films is headed our way.  All this development and casting news that I’ve been throwing your way for years?  Well, it’s now attached to actual films that are going to eventually start coming out at the rate of seven to eight a year (and that’s just the big two companies).  Comics Alliance has made us a list to keep track and it will become obsolete the second I post it as another movie will join it.  It’s like a pen full of Catholic rabbits (had to steal that from AOU).  PLUS, we all love Star Wars too and you can slap one a year onto the chart from that.  THOSE ARE JUST COMIC BOOK AND STAR WARS MOVIES!  There will still be other films made (probably).  Be smart and join your theater’s rewards program immediately.


A few things of note:

2016 and 2018 each have 7 films, but 2017 has an insane amount with 10.

The average ticket price in Los Angeles is $13.50. If tickets prices hold for the next 6 years (yeah right), it will cost me $526.50 to watch all 39 movies. This doesn’t consider inflation, rising ticket prices, 3D, or IMAX screening.

If the average budget for these films is $170 million, it will cost at least $6.6 billion dollars to make all 39 movies. This does not factor in the larger movies like The Avengers or The Justice League or the marketing costs, which can be substantial.

Marvel Studios made $7 billion from 10 films. If averages hold that would be $11 billion in box office. Which would be enough to bank roll the production and marketing of all the superhero movies of FOX, Sony, and Warner Bros. combined.

At some point, the superhero box office bubble will pop. But until then we have a lot great movies to look forward to.

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