Mad Max 5 Will Happen and George Miller Has Confirmed the Title

Mad Max, Mad Max Fury Road, Tom Hardy
Despite finishing second to Pitch Perfect 2 (which just kind of sums up everything wrong with life) at the box office, George Miller has announced that plans are in place to go ahead with Mad Max 5, or as it is already titled – Mad Max: The Wasteland.  This tells us nothing really, other than perhaps Max is going to actually be the focus of the film this time?  Geek Tyrant broke the news and has a few more details below.  I doubt Charlize Theron or her character will return.  He is a “road warrior” after all, so he tends to move on down the line.  Mild spoiler warning for Fury Road below.

Miller appeared on The Q&A Podcast (via The Playlist) and revealed that name of the next sequel is going to be Mad Mad: The Wasteland. What could that mean? Is the Wasteland the area that the women wanted to ride across on motorcycles in Fury Road? Is it a catch-all name for the world itself in a post-apocalyptic state? 

We know that Tom Hardy will be back since he’s signed on for three more movies, but there’s no word yet on whether Charlize Theron will return to reprise her role as Furiosa.