Comic Book Movie Schedule 2015-2019



I know that I’ve talked a little about how a literal tsunami of comic book films is coming our way.  Soon it isn’t going to be two a year.  Next year and 2017 it’s seven.  Now, some of those are going to bomb magnificently, but think of any other movie genre (because that’s what comic book movies are now) and we have about 50 action movies a year, so this is really the genre going full-tilt.  As long as there are outstanding films in this mix, they won’t all have to be good and we get to reap the rewards.  superhero-movie-chart-shows-film-line-up-for-the-next-4-years


Source: slyyda1 via: Geeks Are Sexy

Infographic: Marvel Universe’s Most Deadly Killers

The people at MorphSuits have created an infographic of the murderers of the Marvel universe, some you’re not going to be that surprised over (I mean….Wolverine is a walking batch of razors), but there are a few that may surprise you if you haven’t followed the comics in awhile.  Check it out.