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NetflixI’m just finishing watching season one of Daredevil for the third time, and can’t wait for “AKA Jessica Jones” later this year and more DD, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in 2016.  It seems to me that Daredevil has more than enough story, villains and characters to support that show indefinitely.  After the first seasons of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, though, those characters intersect so much and have so much in common that it seems natural to me that they would combine into one show (it seems natural to make it Heroes for Hire).

Iron Fist, Danny Rand, Heroes for Hire

That would leave two slots open for 2017 after the Defenders movie if you see Marvel sticking to a four show Netflix rotation.  Given the critical and popularity of DD, it seems like Marvel has found a perfect place to showcase their “gritty”, street-level heroes who would push a PG-13 rating and also to take the opportunity to introduce in a rich storytelling format characters that aren’t well-known to the public.

So, here are ten of Marvel’s characters that operate in the same circles as those that were chose for the first four slots.  Frankly, I don’t think Netflix has enough money to pay ScarJo to do a Black Widow show, and Sebastian Stan’s got six films left on his Marvel contract after Cap 3, so Winter Soldier seems unlikely also.  If they wanted to pass the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop, or recast the character, he’d be a perfect fit (especially Matt Fraction’s recent take on the archer).

The Punisher, Frank Castle

I don’t usually give my vote away, but I would say The Punisher needs deep rehab after the horrible movies.  He doesn’t fit in the MCU cinematically, but he’d be right at home in Hell’s Kitchen.  Moon Knight is one of my favorite characters, and I think he would be a perfect fit also in this grim corner of the MCU.  Vote away and tell me who you think should get their own Netflix series.  We have two slots in our hypothetical scenario, so vote twice.  Hopefully, we’ll see some footage from Jessica Jones coming our way soon.



      1. Sorry, I read your post and then came back a little while later to comment and forgot about the two choice thing. Yes, Punisher and GR are my choices. I am SO looking forward to the stranger, less known characters getting their due. In the past I wouldn’t have believed a character like Ghost Rider could break out, but the times they are a’changin.


      2. I imagine that from here on in, a provision about tv appearances will become a standard part of the contract for any actor appearing as a Marvel hero on film.


    1. The only problem I see with that is the CGI costs would put the budget of the show way above potential other candidates. Plus I hear that Marvel is squirrely about mixing their supernatural characters with the street level characters and Ghost Rider kind of walks that line.

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