killing time

Site Note: New Page on KT!

You’ll note there’s a new page on Killing Time if you take a look at the header bar.  With the 8th entry into our series examining the IMDB’s Top 250 movies, I thought it was time it got its own section.  As I mention on the page, I realize this list is a living document, which means the further down we go, the more likely it is to get altered by voting and the insertion of new films.  The rule we’re going to go by is we’ll keep marching down the list and new entries will have to stay on the list for a year before we readjust and go back for them (and I have to renumber everything).  Next up will be Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, one of my favorite films of all-time, so I’m looking forward to breaking it down and adding it to our growing list.  Just as an odd statistical note, the first two entries in this series are also the two most-viewed pieces I’ve done in the nearly three years I’ve run this site.

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