Punisher Series Has Been Officially Greenlit By Netflix!!!!

The Punisher is a character that had been badly maligned in the hands of other studios.  Marvel managed to fix him in about an episode and a half of season two of Daredevil.  Jon Bernthal brought Frank Castle to life in a way that made his actions logical in his mind and humanized a character that’s easy to dismiss.  My favorite episode of Daredevil thus far is 2.03 when Frank and Matt have their rooftop debate as to the ethics of vigilante justice leading into the greatest fight scene in TV history (which you can see here)

Jon Bernthal, The Punisher

Marvel has said in the past that it wants to keep the number of Netflix series at four.  There’s no announcement date on the very awesome teaser released today, but it likely will take place after The Defenders.  Jessica Jones has already been renewed (and won a Peabody Award). A third season of Daredevil seems inevitable given the set-up for one in season two.  I think post-Defenders that Luke Cage & Iron Fist will probably be combined (maybe even with Jessica Jones) for their traditional Heroes for Hire team-up.  Jones, Cage, and Iron Fist’s storylines in the comics have traditionally intersected, so it seems logical.  That would leave room for The Punisher and perhaps another series to debut.  Read below for Coming Soon’s take on the announcement. Continue reading Punisher Series Has Been Officially Greenlit By Netflix!!!!